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How To Download MP4 YouTube Videos on PC/Mac


Quick Overview
  • YouTube offers useful content, but its offline feature has limitations, prompting users to download MP4 videos on PC/Mac for offline viewing.
  • Downloading MP4 YouTube videos is beneficial in areas with poor internet connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted access to favorite content.
  • Using trusted software like DVDVideoSoft's MP4 converter simplifies the download process, allowing users to easily save YouTube videos for offline viewing.

YouTube has always been an excellent place for free and useful content. Where millions of creators post there, creative content and users get benefitted. Although the YouTube app offers almost every feature, one feature that has always been in a conspiracy is the download feature or the offline feature. The offline feature on YouTube was introduced first in 2014 and it got immediately very popular among the users.

But the offline feature is not free for all and has its own limitations. So it is always a good idea to download YouTube videos in offline storage. Today, we will find out how we can download MP4 YouTube videos on PC or Mac using desktop software.

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Why you Should download MP4 YouTube videos on your PC or Mac?

Some of you might be thinking, Hey, why would anyone download any big video and fill up his storage in this era. Indeed we are in a modern era full of technology and high-speed internet. But ask yourself, is this always the case?

Because even in 2020, we can’t trust the internet connection blindly because there are some situations where we want to watch our favorite content on YouTube but we don’t have the proper connection. You can do nothing at all except waiting for your connection to get back.

So, it is always a good idea to have some good offline content that you can watch anytime without thinking much about the internet connection.

Should you use any software for downloading MP4 YouTube Videos?

Yes, You can use any third-party software that comes from a trusted brand or organization, but you should not use or even download any untrusted or spammy software for any purpose. As it can lead your device towards any spam or virus attack. People often complain of misleading pages that get open directly by these softwares.

The same thing goes with downloading mp4 youtube videos via any software. You can use software for downloading purposes but keep an eye on developer and source from where you are getting the software. So, you won’t have to face any problem later.

Today we are using DVDVideoSoft’s mp4 converter, which is considered as a trusted source for downloading any type of YouTube videos. The software is straightforward and easy to use and is totally free. So, you don’t have to pay any penny for downloading your favorite videos or music albums.

How to use YouTube to MP4 Converter

So let’s find out how we can use MP4 converter software to download our favorite youtube videos.

This software keeps things on the simple side. You just need to find out your favorite video. Copy its link, paste it in the software tool, and press the download button.

Step By Step Guide

This is a step-by-step guide for downloading any YouTube video in mp4 format using the MP4 converter tool.

Step 1. First of all, visit the official DVDVideoSoft site and download the YouTube to MP4 converter (Choose Windows or Mac version).

Step 2. Now, download and install the preferred version and wait till it finishes up.
Step 3. Now, open YouTube in any browser and find the video you wish to download. Then copy the link of video via share button or search bar.

Step 4. Open the YouTube to MP4 converter on your device and paste the link on the search bar.

Step 5. You can now choose the quality and format of the video (MP4) and press the download button.

Step 6. Wait till your favorite video gets downloaded from the YouTube server to your storage.

Yay! Now you are all set for downloading your favorite MP4 YouTube video and creating your own YouTube videos library.


So in this post, we learned how to download MP4 YouTube videos using the desktop MP4 converter. The software used here is legit and self-tested by me. So, you can use it to download any type of video without worrying about any other stuff while enjoying your favorite content.

I hope you find this piece of article helpful and if it so please share it with your friends. And if you are facing any problem in downloading any type of video. Let us know in the comments.?

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