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Download Mobdro Official App For iPhone, Android | Free Video Streaming Apps


In Short Hacks: If you are looking for free video streams apps for Android and iPhone then Mobdro App is one of the best apps under this segment of online video streaming. So Let’s Quickly dive into the article. And learn how to download and install mobdro official app for android and iPhone.

Download Mobdro Official App For iPhone, Android | Free Video Streaming Apps
Download Mobdro Official App For iPhone, Android | Free Video Streaming Apps

Looking for the perfect replacement for online video streaming apps such as Netflix, Hotstar, etc. Then, you need to give a chance to Mobdro to prove itself. Mobdro is an online video streaming app available for both Android as well as iPhone users. It allows you to catch up with the episodes you have missed or the movies which you don’t wish to go and watch in the theater.

You can use your smartphone as a media player and use Mobdro to search and play any kind of video you like, on your smartphone. Searching for results in this app is a cake walk since the UI of this app is easy to understand and you will get used to searching videos here. The videos here are categorized into sections such as sports, music videos, TV shows, tech videos, funny videos, documentary and popular channels, etc. There are 2 versions of this app namely, free and premium. The features provided by the free and premium version for both Android and iPhone devices are the same.

Download Mobdro App Official For iPhone | Free Video Streams for Android & iPhone

You will find the following features in the free version of Mobdro app:

1. The search engine of this app is very strong and costumes very less time for searching your results.

2. Just in case you feel like sharing any particular video with your friends then, you are well equipped as you can do it via WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, and Twitter, etc.

3. You will be provided with a list of the most popular shows at one click.

4. Once you download a video, you can watch it anytime on your smartphone.

Premium Features:

The additional Features which will be added to this app in the premium version are:

1. Downloading the video in another format becomes possible.

2. Premium version gets you out of all the irritating ads which you have to watch in the free version.

3. The premium version unlocks the chrome cast support using which you can watch the videos just by connecting your Android device to your television.

4. Booking marking your favorite channels so that you can visit them as soon as you open the Mobdro app is another amazing feature which gets added.

5. If you get the premium, you can easily sort the videos based on topics you can make use of different organizing options which you are provided with, such as streamwise and time wise.

6. You can set a particular time at which you wish to switch off the app. This feature is known as the sleep timer and you will find it only in the premium version.

Once you understand what exactly this app is by using the free version, you must upgrade to the premium version to experience even better services and even better features which Mobdro app has to provide you with.

This app is not unavailable on the Google Play Store due to some unknown reasons but, you can easily download its APK from its official website and then, install it on your Android device.

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Download Mobdro Free Video Streaming App On iPhone From App Store:

Not even the iPhone users can download this app very easily since not even the iTunes store can provide you with this app. Hence, if you are an iPhone user then you can try the Cinema box app. While downloading the app, You have to follow the same steps which you execute to download any other app from iTunes. The steps which you need to execute to install cinema box app on your iPhone are listed below:

Step 1. Enter the iTunes store.

Step 2. First, you need to sign in with your Apple ID.

Step 3. Enter the words ‘cinema box’ in the search bar.

Step 4. Once you find the app, tap on the install option and wait till your app gets installed.

For downloading Mobdro on your iPhone, you need to visit the official website of its developers and download the app from there itself. Talking about the features, the free and premium version of this app for iPhone are same as they are provided to its Android users.

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Wrap Up: That’s all you need to know before you install the Mobdro app on your Android or iPhone smartphone. If we have missed out on any such mind blowing feature then, please let us know in the comments section below.

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