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Best Health Apps For Android and iPhone 2018


Quick Overview
  • Technology offers helpful health apps for Android & iPhone users, aiding in achieving fitness goals & maintaining well-being.
  • Best health apps like MyFitnessPal, BodySpace, and Fitbit provide tools for tracking diet, exercise, and overall health.
  • Premium apps like Hot5 Fitness, Carrot Fit, and Pocket Yoga offer specialized workouts and yoga sessions for improved fitness and health.

My first question from you “Are you living a Healthy Life“? Health plays an important role in happy and depression less life. The time is changing with lots of health issues are arising day by day. But now we’re going to change your living style and your health because you all know very well “Health is Wealth“. Luckily, today’s technology can help us achieve our goals. but did you know this technology makes us “Slaves” of their overuses? So for those who haven’t made much progress, we’re here with Download Best Health Apps Including Fitness & Workout Apps for Android & iPhone’s. these best health apps helps you to use your android and iOS device in a good manner and teach you “How To Stay Healthy with Technology”.

Best Health Apps
Best Health Apps

Why Only Best Health Apps?

Best Fitness and Workout apps helps us to connect our dull lifestyle to Digital world. In this brief article you all are thinking about why should i publish this Health related article on a tech hacks blog? Then my answer is as simple as that without your healthy life you won’t learn anything, first make your health good then you’re eligible to do other tasks. You compete virtually against everyone else using the same app and covering the same ground.

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Download Best Health Apps 2018

In this health section of our blog, there are many types of health apps for android and health apps for iPhone. you can download fitness apps, Work out apps, Gym Apps and also Exercise Apps. These free health apps and best workout apps will definitely change your lifestyle. so let’s see which Free Health app for android and iPhone are the best for you.

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Download Best Health Apps Fitness  2018

Here is the best fitness apps for android and iPhone. you can simply download these health apps by click on that app below.

#1. MyFitnessPal

We live in a world of full of frustration and depression —all of which can affect our diet and health. MyFitnessPal is a mobile app and website that gives you a wealth of tools for tracking what and how much you eat, and how many calories you burn through activity. Of all the calorie counters I’ve used, MyFitnessPal is by far the easiest one to manage, and it comes with the largest database of foods and drinks. You can easily download this Android and iOS App for free from Google.

#2. BodySpace

BodySpace is an app developed by the same folks. It functions as a social media network for fitness fans. Upload a photo, set your goals, and track your workouts. You’ll also get access to dozens of training programs and even more workouts.You can easily download this Android and iOS App for free from Google. What differentiates this app from others is the ability to find friends with common fitness goals and interests.This

#3. Fitbit

This is the best health app for Fitbit wearable fitness devices. It lets you track your activity and steps, monitor your heart rate, log the food you eat, set goals, monitor and analyze your sleep, and more. We like that both the app and Fitbit devices are fully customization. How you use it is up to you, and the feedback you get is based on your individual inputs.You can easily download this Android and iOS App for free from Google.

#4. Fitnet

Fitnet is the workout app for people who can’t carve out time to go to the gym. The app features an abundance of five- and seven-minute targeted workouts, so you don’t have to sacrifice time with your friends and family to achieve your fitness goals. Plus, the app uses your phone’s camera for a whole new kind of selfie—this one measures how closely you follow the moves shown on the screen.

#5. My Diet Coach

This nutrition app tries to make losing weight and eating healthier more fun and challenging by turning it into a game. Choose your avatar to represent you on your weight loss quest and start working with you diet coach. The app will send you reminders, cool motivational messages, and helpful guides. There are also regular challenges that will develop healthy habits, like putting more veggies on your plate and drinking more water.

#6. Runkeeper

This popular app uses GPS to track your routes, elevation, and more. Set goals and follow training programs to improve your speed or get yourself ready for your next race. You’ll get audio feedback during your workouts, which will save you from having to look down to check your pace and progress.You can easily download this Android and iOS App for free from Google.

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Download Best Workout Apps 2018

Here is the best workout apps for android and iPhone.

#1. Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies promises to bring you to a relaxed state with its use of melodies, sounds, brainwave beats and meditations. Its large catalog of music and sounds might seem overwhelming at first, but its well-designed interface makes it easy for the user to customize his/her meditation experience. What’s more, the app makes creative use of bin-aural beats, which research has shown to have positive effects on the brain.

#2. Yoga Wake Up

What better way to ease into the day than with a quick morning yoga flow? This app delivers a 10-minute sequence at your designated wake-up time. Each sequence is a little different. Some focus more on meditation, while others hone in on holding poses and setting intentions. Yoga every damn day just got a whole lot easier.You can easily download this Android and iOS App for free from Google.

#3. RockMyRun

Run farther, faster and harder with RockMyRun. The app has thousands of DJ mixes with tempos that will keep you running. Its vaunted Body-Driven Music matches the music you run to with your movement. No more stopping to change your music, no more breaking momentum. Plus, RockMyRun can be synced with other tracking apps like Endomondo, MapMyRun, Nike+ and Runtastic. The app is available on the App Store and on Google Play.

#4. Nike+ Training

Nike+ Training Club comes with all the things you’d expect from a top-notch fitness app: workouts designed by professional trainers and athletes, customizable fitness programs, sharing capabilities to compare your progress with others, and a totally sleek interface. And in Nike fashion, it just does it better than the competition.You can easily download this Android and iOS App for free from Google.

#5. Lose It!

Lose the pounds with Lose It, an amazing nutrition and exercise-tracking app that’s simple and easy to use. Just enter some vital details like weight, height, and ideal weight and Lose It! will provide you with your daily calorie budget. The app’s barcode scanner and extensive meal database makes it easy to keep track of food intake.

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Premium Health & Fitness Apps for iPhone 2018

#1. Hot5 Fitness

Hot5 Fitness app offers high quality step-by-step workouts led by the top trainers in the industry. From abs and core to yoga and flexibility and everything in between, Hot5 contains pages and pages of 5-minute video workouts of every variety and difficulty level. Whether you’re looking for a quick 5-minute core blasting after a long run or a full 45-minute yoga session in your hotel room, this app offers something for everyone.You can easily download this Android and iOS App for free from Google.

#2. Carrot Fit

If you’re not into all the fluff and puff, this may be a good option for you. But be aware, this app is not for the feint of heart. Think less cheerleader, more fitness drill sergeant. A judgmental weight tracker, this CARROT character dishes out harsh criticisms to those wanting to drop pounds.

#3. Pocket Yoga

You can now carry around your own Yoga studio with Pocket Yoga (Android, iOS), an exercise app that lets you practice the ancient art of stretching and breathing at your own pace and time. Pocket Yoga comes with detailed voice and video instructions for hundreds of different poses, complete with write-ups on each one’s proper execution and health benefits.

So above is all about Download Best Health Apps For Android and iPhone 2018. i hope these best fitness apps, workout apps, and exercise apps free download. Do comment below and hit the share button if you seriously like this Best Health Apps 2018 Article.

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