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Why You Should Care About Keeping Your PC and Apps Up to Date


Key Takeaways
  • Regular updates fix bugs and tighten security, protecting your PC from hackers and viruses like WannaCry, providing essential security patches to safeguard your information.
  • Updates offer new features that can simplify tasks, improve performance, and enhance productivity, ensuring you don't miss out on convenient time-saving features.
  • Keeping your apps updated ensures they are compatible with the latest OS version, improving performance speed and productivity while also preventing the spread of viruses to other devices.

There you are ready to get some important work done or watch your favorite show on Netflix and all of a sudden the dreaded popup appears. It asks you to update your PC. After you do that you are made to restart it. And then later the hundreds of other apps on your PC send you popups asking you to update and restart your PC as well.

Why You Should Care About Keeping Your PC and Apps Up to Date
Why You Should Care About Keeping Your PC and Apps Up to Date

All of these hindrances can take up a lot of time and ruin your mood. You’re not alone if you ask yourself the questions ‘Should I update my PC and its apps? They were working fine before. How much of an improvement can the updates provide?’

But I assure those updates are important. You need to keep your PC and all the apps on it updated. To make it easy for you to understand why you should keep your PC and apps updated I have compiled a list of reasons below

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Updates fix bugs and tighten security:

One of the reasons why your PC and apps regularly launch updates is that they might have discovered a bug in the previous version of the software and fixed it. They are also always on the lookout for security flaws. If they find any they will fix them.

This is why they send you a new version of the software and ask you to update it. If you are using your laptop to spend any time on the internet it is important to make sure you update the software on your laptop.

There are too many hackers out there right now looking for every opportunity to hack into a new system. There are also crypto worms like Wanna cry that could attack your PC any moment.

If you want to avoid the headache of dealing with hackers and viruses at least make sure your OS’s software and anti-virus software are up to date.

If you’re running a business you should take even greater care to update all your computers software and security. If you don’t, you run the risk of getting hacked like Sony. You can easily make sure that software updates happen on time by using an automated patch management service.

You don’t want to miss out on new features:

When a major software update is available, they usually add in some new features as well. These new features can simplify tasks and make the everyday use of your laptop and apps easier.

For example, let’s take a look at the recent Windows 10 update. One of the biggest new features was better syncing your phone with your computer. You can now drag and drop photos shot on your phone onto your Windows PC. You can also send text messages with your PC app.

If you want to take advantage of convenient time-saving features like these along with others, you should make sure you keep your PC updated on a regular basis.

It will prevent you from passing viruses and malware onto other devices:

If your PC gets infected with a virus there’s always the possibility that you can pass it onto another person’s device.

Viruses can be transferred through email, removable hard drives, online file share and a multitude of methods. If you use your PC for work, your virus can be passed on to several devices. This is why it is important for you to constantly update your OS system and anti-virus software. It will ensure that you get protection from the latest viruses.

You want to make sure your apps are in sync with your PC:

Apps come up with updates not just because they have introduced new features, but also because the new versions have been made compatible to work better with the latest version of the OS. Therefore, when you keep your apps updated you will ensure that your apps work better on your PC. This will improve performance speed and productivity.

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These are all the important reasons to keep your PC and apps up to date. Spending those 5 to 15 minutes waiting for your PC and apps to update might seem like ages. But it is definitely less than the hours, days and weeks you will lose if your PC gets infected with a virus and needs to be fixed. Therefore, trading this little time is definitely worth it.

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