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Buy Netflix Premium Accounts at Just Rs. 199


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Buy Netflix Premium Accounts at Rs. 150

People watch movies/TV shows/documentaries to spend their leisure time. While some people have a hobby to watch them! When watching the movies/TV shows/documentaries on a television set, there are numerous advertisements which break the flow. Also, a lot of time is wasted in watching irrelevant ads.

To eliminate all these issues, you can make use of Netflix, which is an online media streaming website. An app version of this website is also available for Android as well as iOS users.

Netflix Accounts 2019 UHD Access | 4 Screens (Cheap) 

When you create a new account, you get a free 1-month membership. This offer is available only for unregistered card details. Once the trial version expires, you are supposed to upgrade to its premium version. The cost of upgrading to the premium version is quite hefty! The minimum plan comes at a price of Rs. 800, where you can run a single screen at a time. Also, you cannot stream 4K content on it.

Buy Now

Please feel free to buy Netflix Accounts from https://www.netflix.com/in/ This way you can buy Authentic account at super affordable pricing for Mobile Users.

If you know a couple of people who are interested in purchasing Netflix’s Premium Version, then you can approach itechhacks where you can group buy or a Private one Netflix Accounts started at Rs. 199/Month. This rate is approximately 5 times less then the price which you will have to pay to Netflix if you do not buy it from itechhacks.

This is a golden opportunity to group buy Netflix accounts at cheaper prices. It is a limited offer and is available for all the itechhacks users. Go ahead and make good use of this offer to purchase Netflix with full access and Ultra High Definition content streaming.

Prices vary with countries specifically. If you are an Indian User only then the above-mentioned price would be applied*.Buy Netflix Premium Accounts at Just Rs. 199


If you have any queries regarding this exclusive offer, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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