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Bonk Be Live : Going To Take Streaming Industry Like Storm With Imagically And Greg Gifford


Bonk Be Live: Going To Take Streaming Industry Like Storm With Imagically And Greg GiffordBonk Be Live

Going To Take Streaming Industry Like Storm With Imagically And Greg GiffordThe innovation has changed the world the way it uses to think back in the days, and we had machines that can play media without connecting any wires to the board. Social media has added value to the community to think and connect to the world. Social media has given birth to billion dollars of other business online, and it has also empowered public voice to be heard globally.

The streaming category is currently worth billions of dollars, where you can watch all shows and events online without having a cable connection. Smartphones have become a technology that is not only powerful but it is something anyone can afford. Back in the days, a Windows PC was the trending technology but it was expensive Bonk Be Live but that isn’t the case for smartphones, all thanks to Google Android and Manufacturers.

What is Bonk Be Live?

Bonk Be Live is a streaming app that is considered the next big thing in the streaming category and there are numerous reasons behind in it. When you try the app, you can see the vast differences in features and functions between the competitors. Why would someone choose one over challenges?

Curiosity always gets the best of people, if you are one of them, then let us take you on a short tour of what Bonk Be Live is capable of doing.

Notable Features

Innovation is one word that describes the new things you can do using your smartphones, we have listed them one-by-one.

• Augmented reality – This is definitely something that is away five years from now. Currently, no social media or streaming site does not have Augmented reality features.

• You can integrate Bonk Be Live with Youtube and Facebook, so you don’t have to spend more time uploading feeds to the social media.

• Sharing options – Missing Social Media features? Do not fear because you can send GIF, Audio messages, and more using Bonk Be Live.

• Games – In simple words.

• You can customize your profile, post on social media walls, send stickers, emojis, and more.

• Monetization – Many of you do it for fun but what if you have a serious number of followers? Yes, you will be able to monetize and make thousands of dollars to millions of dollars.

• And more.

There is no doubt that the Bonk Be Live is making every effort to monetize your feeds to help you make few extra dollars.

Augmented Reality & 3D

Technology is changing so fast, and we are unable to keep up with the latest changes, which we usually mistook for something else. There is a difference between Augmented reality and Virtual reality, where VR uses artificial objects and surroundings (Developers design them) but in the Augmented reality, the developer’s task is extremely less, where our surroundings and then objects are added, similar to the iPhone X feature.Apart from Augmented reality, you will be able to experience 3D functions, which are futuristic.

Face-to-Face Streaming

No matter how many platforms are present on the Internet none of them have face-to-face streaming, where you can add multiple users to the streaming, which is kind of new in the Bonk Be Live. In case, if one of the streamers connection is interrupted due to technical reasons and bad internet connection, then the stream will be paused, you will be able to resume once connected.The same logic applies when you are taking calls as well.


The Bonk Be Live team is making every effort to make the Monetization services better and probably the only platform that allows you to create few dollars from notification ADS.

• Fan Funding – the most efficient way to make money online is fan funding.

• Paid advertising – During the live feed, ADS will play, which will help you make a lot of money.

• Notification ads, Pop-up ads, and Banner Ads.

• Sponsor Ads – The second best monetization is Sponsored post, you can imagine numbers you can add to your earnings.

Imagically Partner

Bonk Be Live, Greg Gifford is currently working on making the app and its services better by securing more investments from the Venture capitalists and angel investors. Not only that it will also help the company to welcome more advertisers to the platform. Greg Gifford will ensure that the American management team will be on their side with 30 million new users.

Conclusion: The Bonk Be Live team is working on the various problem and find an appropriate solution for the Bonk Be Live users, so you don’t have to go through all those common problems you face in other platforms. Let us know what do you think about the development of the Bonk Be Live in the comment section.

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