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Top 6 Best Windows Launchers For Android


Key Takeaways
  • Windows launchers for Android offer a Microsoft OS feel on Android, enhancing customization and familiarity.
  • Launchers like Launcher 8 WP Style, 8.1 Metro Launcher, and Windows 10 Launcher bring Windows UI to Android.
  • Metro UI Launcher 8.1, Square Home 2, and Windows 7 Launcher provide unique Windows-like interfaces for Android users.

Windows launchers for Android bring a touch of Microsoft’s operating system to your Android device, offering a familiar interface for those who enjoy the Windows aesthetic. These launchers mimic the look and feel of various Windows versions, from classic to the latest, enhancing the customization of your Android experience. Here’s a look at the top 6 best Windows launchers for Android:

Top 6 Best Windows Launchers For Android
Best Windows Launchers For Android

Android launchers are crucial for an optimal Android experience. Launchers are necessary for a better user interface (UI) in the Android system. They have the ability to change the customization, looks, menus, and color of the internal UI system. There are many launchers available in the online market that offer various UI styles, including iOS and Windows. For instance, if you prefer the Apple system and want to experience it on an Android system, you can simply install an iOS launcher on Android to get the iOS UI. Similarly, many users also want a Windows-like UI on their Android system. In this article, we discuss the top 6 best Windows launchers for Android. Using these Windows launchers, you can easily transform your Android system to resemble Windows.

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Best Windows Launchers For Android

#1. Launcher 8 WP Style 

Launcher 8 WP Style is Excellent launcher gives Full Windows 8.1 UI experience on Android Device to User. The Launcher transforms Android Home Screen into Windows. Launcher 8 WP style contains so many exciting cool features such as Lock Screen, Custom Tile, Customization in Icons, Icons Size, color, Manage status bar and much more. Launchers let you to Lock and Hide folders by creating a DIY folder. The launcher also gives you the facility to Back Up and Restore the Theme.

#2. 8.1 Metro Launcher

8.1 Metro Launcher is also another Launcher which exactly looks like Windows 8.1 UI. Now, It’s time to surprise your friends by Installing this kind of app on your Android device to show New Launcher. The Metro launcher is very Fast and Clean than other launchers. The launcher comes with so many exciting cool features such as Changing Icons of Apps, Resizing of Icons size, Changing Titles of Icons, Total Windows UI User Interference, Ads Block, Lock screen, DIY folder feature and much more.

#3. Windows 10 Launcher

If you looking something new in Windows launchers then Windows 10 launcher perfect choice for you. The Launcher also included Taskbar at the bottom of Screen like Windows 10 which is the best Feature of App that I like. Launchers allow you to Customize your Android Home screen, Menus and Settings in Unique look. The launcher also provides Quick Access feature. The Launcher lets you set your Icons of apps in 3 Rows according to your Size.

#4. Metro UI Launcher 8.1 

Metro UI is also another windows launcher which looks like Windows 8 Operating system. Launcher allows you to design your Home screen in your own Unique way. The Metro UI launcher is totally Inspired by Windows 8 Modern UI. The Launcher lets you to do Basic customization in which You can add or pin your favorite to Launcher. The launcher also has a Sidebar in Charmbar style. If you want to Experience most professional windows 8 on your Android then I suggest you that Metro UI is the perfect choice for You.

#5. Square Home 2

Square Home 2 is another Different kind of launcher than other Launchers. The special feature of the launcher is that It allows you to Customize your Android in Windows 10 style. The Launcher is suitable for All types of Android devices with all Android versions. If you are looking for Something new apart from Android launchers then Square Home 2 is the best Choice for you.

#6. Windows 7 Launcher

Windows 7 Launcher gives you total Windows 7 User experience on your Android phone. Using Windows 7 Launcher you do not require to install any custom ROM. The launcher also includes Taskbar and Start Menu at the bottom of the screen like as Windows 7 Operating System. This launcher is not available at Google Play Store. But, I have given a Download link at Below. Download and Install launcher and Then Enjoy it !!

Download Here

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Wrap-Up: These were some of the Best Windows Android Launchers which provide a huge number of themes, wallpapers, customization options etc. Every launcher is unique in itself. You can customize your device daily and never get bored of it! We’ll Update this List soon as we found more Best Launchers for Android. I hope you like this post! Feel free to comment below and do let us know if we have missed any Android Launcher.

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