Programming is the essential core to become a Hacker. But many say, we can only learn Programming on PC but in 2021, there are a number of free apps available on play store through which you could easily learn programming. (Best programming apps)

Top 10 Best Programming Apps for Android (Latest)
Top 10 Best Programming Apps for Android (Latest)

Android mobiles may not be an ideal workplace for programmers. Laptops and PC’s are preferred over smartphones by developers to do their work. But in a case of utmost urgency or if you somehow happen to misplace or break your laptop/ PC then you are left with no other option but use your Android device to complete your task by the deadline. In such cases, you must know the best programming apps for android so that you do not get stuck with a bogus app.

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Programming Apps for Android (2021)

Best Programming apps for android: So here is a list of the best programming apps that won’t disappoint you while doing your developer-related task.

#1 Programming Hub

This app includes languages such as Python, Java, Assembly, C, C++, HTML, jQuery, CSS, VB.NET, and C sharp, etc. It has a large number of examples from more than 17 languages. It is a smooth and efficient app. Also, updates containing new languages are often available for free.

#2 Algoid programming language

This app is the first-ever app to introduce a real-time debugger in Android programming apps. A step-by-step execution of mode, syntax highlights, auto-completion of codes and scope explorer are the key features of Algoid. It also has an optimized user interface to suit small screens.

#3 AIDE -IDE for Android Java C++

This app is designed primarily for Java coders. A feature-rich editor, code completion, real-time error checking, refactoring, and smart code navigation. AIDE supports designing apps with Java/XML and Android SDK, apps with C/ C++, and the Android NDK as well as Java console applications.

#4 DroidEdit

DroidEdit comes in two different versions i.e. free version and paid version. This app is a text and source code editor. Its features are color themes, infinite undo and redo, syntax highlighting for some languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby, etc.

#5 Udacity

This app provides a good coding experience. Using this app, you can easily solve programming problems and also answer quizzes. This app is worth giving a try.

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#6 Learn Java

This app is easy to understand and work on. Object-oriented Java programming is also supported along with java. This app has over 1 million downloads and is rated 4.7 by 41.7k users. It is a must-have app.

#7 Codeboard Keyboard for Coding

Using this app, you will get all the different numbers, symbols, and alphabets. This app is one of the most helpful apps for programmers.

#8 DroidScript – JavaScript IDE

You can write codes for apps to make them work on Android devices. JavaScript is the most popular and widely used language! Also, it has current documentation. This app makes coding ten times faster. Beginners, as well as professionals, use this app.

#9 Java Programming

This app lets you carry out Java programming tutorials. It has about 81 programs. The user interface of this app is quite easy to understand. The overall review of this app is Good.

#10 Hacker’s Keyboard

This app is specially designed for tablets. It has a keyboard exactly similar to a PC’s keyboard. It is based on AOSP Gingerbread soft keyboard. It supports multitouch for modifiers. Also, it is available for a large number of languages.

#11 SoloLearn

#12 Encode

#13 Codemurai

#14 Grasshopper

#15 Tynker

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Wrap Up:

These are some of the best programming apps which you can have on your Android devices. Most of them are available for free, and the developers pay good attention to their users and the communities help a lot. Please let us know if we have missed out on some best programming apps. And don’t forget to share it with your friends through social media. Best C Programming Apps for Android, C++, Java, PHP, Python Programming apps.

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