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Best Minecraft Mods of 2024 (v1.14.4, 1.13, 1.12)


Give a shoutout to us if you really-really like Minecraft. Well, No introduction is required for Minecraft games but wait how many of you are aware of its mods? Minecraft is a fabulous game by itself, but mods permit you to get the most utmost of it.  In this article, we have discussed everything about Minecraft mods of 2024 plus how to use these mods on your favorite Minecraft games.

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Best Minecraft Mods: Minecraft is a top-rated and old game. Almost all PC gamers know about this game. As it is not easy to play. You will have to practice it to learn. No doubt this game is still everyone’s favourite. This game has no good graphics. Maybe this is the best game built or managed by Microsoft. You can check the popular Mod of Minecraft in today’s blog and many things about Minecraft go through the post and check all details.

What are the Best Minecraft Mods?

Each Minecraft Mod has different steps to install. So, first, check which Minecraft Mods you need to download. If you want you can also use software called MultiMC which will help you to install multi Minecraft mods. However, if it is difficult to install, then get the mod pack that has everything preinstalled, and you can easily use it. As there are few mods packs available you don’t need to do coding, you just need to download and install it.

Here, in this article, we will show you some of the best mods of Minecraft. Check out the item to get the Best Minecraft Mods.

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Best Minecraft Mods of 2024

Here are the best Minecraft mods 1.14, 1.13, 1.12, 1.7

1. Millénaire


Millenaire is one of the best Minecraft Mods as it will literally make you a millionaire. Sometimes, you explore so much but get nothing valuable. But, this Minecraft Mod will solve the problems and fulfills the space with some good content which you can also collect. And you will also get rid of changing the villagers into children, men, women, and create the village with some new theme.


2. Journey Map

Journey Map
Journey Map

Journey Map allows you to check the route where you are heading to. It will show your entire journey on the map so you will get the idea of your trip. As you can see your route on the map, you can also mark your favorite places if you want to go there again. In this Mod, you can also warn your enemies who are behind you and view it as a minimap.


3. Optifine or Fastcraft Mod

Optifine or Fastcraft Mod
Optifine or Fastcraft Mod

Install Fastcraft Mod and run your slow computer a power booster device. Whenever you feel, your PC does not have a strong configuration then you can install this mod. This Optifine mod improves the graphics by giving the game an HD texture and the game gets better control. So, if you feel like your machine is not showing the graphics correctly, then go for the Fastcraft or Optifine Mod and improve your gameplay. It has excellent features like FPS Boost, Supports HD texture, Dynamic lights, and so much more.


4. Twilight Forest

Twilight Forest
Twilight Forest

Do you want to have an experience of twilight in the forest? Then get Twilight Forest Mod and travel the adventure in the forest in the semi-darkness just like Twilight. This adventure has a lot of treasure and so many monstrous things also. There are so many spectacular things in this mod where you can roam like enchanted groves, glaciers, hedge mazes, and so much more.


5. Deco craft

Deco craft
Deco craft

Do you like creativity all around then Deco Craft Mod is the best Mod for you? As in the name itself you can see Deco means decoration. So, you can add so many things, as it allows you to decorate the world with attractive looks like chairs, tables, torches, toys and much more. So, with this, you can decorate your entire house, and the option is endless in this Mod.


6. Botania


Botania Minecraft Mod is about getting flowers. One can grow all the beautiful flowers at a place and then use it for a different purpose. All these flowers which you develop will help you to feed your animals, or heal yourself, and you can also use it as cake eating flowers. So, you will have fun once you install this mod. And see how those flowers will do activities.


7. Dungeon Pack

Dungeon Pack
Dungeon Pack

This Mod allows you to explore so much of dungeons, so you can crawl out of them. To have cells in the Minecraft is good as whenever you think that the game needs some extra activities to do this Mod will help you out. At the Virtual Worlds, this Mod will give you a fantastic look. So, if you love dungeons then choose this MOD and have fun.


8. Animal Bikes Mods

Animal Bikes Mods
Animal Bikes Mods

As you can see the name Animal Bikes, you will ride on the animal’s back. When you feel the area is big and you need to travel faster, then this MOD will help you. This “Animal Bikes” Mod will allow you to travel and explore the big area when you are sitting on the back of the animal. You can choose which animal you want. So, try out this mod, select your favorite animal, and enjoy the ride.


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9. Instant Lake Block Mod

9. Instant Lake Block Mod
Instant Lake Block Mod

Choose the “Instant Lake” mod if you want to enjoy your game in Lakes. In this Mod you can fill any empty space with a liquid, and it looks like a lake, and then you can enjoy your game. To fill up space, you need to fill out with water, but you can also choose any type of liquid like Lava Lakes and then enjoy the scenery. As you search for an empty space, you can convert those spaces into lakes as many as you want. You can also choose an empty hole and fill up with water or lava.


10. Chisel 2

Chisel 2
Chisel 2

Chisel 2 Minecraft MOD will give you so many new blocks to the game for the people who love MC’s building. This MOD will also Add two new items in the game. The first item is Ball O’ Most modifies all the blocks, and turns Stone Brick into Mossy Stone Brick. And the Second One is the Cloud in the Bottle, and it creates a massive amount of clouds.


How To Install Minecraft Mods

It’s easy. All you need to download the Minecraft Mods of 1.14, 1.13, or 1.12 from the above list and Install it on your Minecraft game. Plus you will get documentation to follow the instructions to install.

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Finally, we have covered the Top Best Minecraft Mods of 2024. We all know it isn’t an easy task to do, but we have tried to make it as simple as you can understand. If you have any problems regarding the methods, you can ask it in the comment section. Team itechhacks is always open to suggestions.

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