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Top 6 Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting in 2024


Key Takeaways
  • Minecraft allows players to build and play together, with the option to create or join dedicated servers for multiplayer gaming.
  • To ensure safety and control, setting up a personal Minecraft server is recommended over using third-party dedicated servers.
  • Some of the top free Minecraft server hosting options for 2024 include Hostinger, Shockbyte, Apex Hosting, ScalaCube, Biscet Hosting, and Nodecraft, each offering unique features and benefits for a reliable gaming experience.

Minecraft is one of the best video games out there. It allows one to build things and play the game together with their friends. One can create their server on Minecraft or join a dedicated server to play in multiplayer mode. Using Minecraft Server hosting, one can easily create their own servers. 

There are various servers that that you can use to play in multiplayer mode. But know that you are at risk of exposing your IP to a third party when playing in the dedicated servers. However, the safe option to play the game in multiplayer will be to have your server.

This article will discuss some of the best free and paid Minecraft hosting services that you can go for.

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Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting 2024

6 Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting in 2021 (You can Try!)

1. Hostinger

Hostinger provides web hosting for websites, but you can also get Minecraft server hosting with Hostinger. It provides server hosting for Minecraft that not only makes multiplayer sever possible but works the best to optimize the performance of Minecraft to the core.

Using Minecraft, you can set up Minecraft Virtual Private Server, with having 2GB to 8GB memory. Yes, you can have hosting space of up to 8GB with Hostinger. It does offer you various features like DDoS Protection, free MySQL, full-time support, and whatnot.

Setting up the hosting is quite easy. You can instantly set up the server after you pay for the hosting. Moreover, you can back up your files, install modpacks and plugins on the hosting.

2. Shockbyte

The next Minecraft server hosting that you can go for is Shockbyte. Shockbye offers extensive game server support. Moreover, it not only hosts Minecraft, but it can also host various other games such as Arma 3, Hytale, Rust, and Ark: Survival Evolve.

This Minecraft server hosting does offer DDoS attack protection, instant setup, 1GB to 16GB RAM, free subdomain, and a 100% uptime guarantee.

Shockbyte does offer an excellent multiplayer experience without any downtime. You can find plans that you feel are perfect to accompany your gaming experience. Moreover, you can also customize the plan according to your requirements.

3. Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting is another Minecraft server hosting that you can use for a reliable multiplayer gaming experience.

The hosting offers you features like a Multicraft control panel, SSD storage, DDoS protection, Xeon processors, dedicated IP address, unlimited player slots, and automated backup.

You can easily set up the hosting to host your Minecraft server and install modpacks easily. You have various plans to choose from when you go for Apex hosting. Moreover, you get to choose between 16 data centers located across the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, Europe, and South America, so you need not worry about latency being an issue.

4. ScalaCube

ScalaCube offers hosting services that are not only reliable but affordable as well. Moreover, the hosting is easy to set up with a one-click installation. You can install plugins easily on this hosting. You can also configure the servers as per your requirements

Not only does it offers a clean UI, but various features such as full file access, free MySQL, back system, and various others, which makes the hosting worth going for. The hosting is stable and thus offers a lag-free experience over the multiplayer mode. You can expect 99.9% uptime with this hosting, that’s what they guarantee.

5. Biscet Hosting

Biscet Hosting is a low-cost hosting solution to host your Minecraft server. If you are looking for a Minecraft server hosting that comes on a budget and offers a stable gaming experience, then Biscet Hosting can be your go-to solution.

You get various hosting options with the Biscet hosting, which range from budget packages to premium packages. The hosting offers various features including easy setup, free MySQL, protection from DDoS attack, modpack updates, unlimited slots, and various others. Moreover, you can expect 24/7 support from the customer support team of the hosting service.

6. Nodecraft

The last Minecraft server hosting that we have on the list is Nodecraft. Nodecraft provides highly optimized hosting solutions to make your gaming experience far better than expected. This easy-to-set-up hosting will get working in no time, and you can easily manage your gameplay from not only your computer but your mobile as well.

There are 12 data centers located in Europe, South America, the US, Australia, and Asia. It does offer various features like protection against DDoS attacks, one-click installation, SSD drives, free subdomain, automatic updates, dedicated IP addresses, unlimited slots, and a custom control panel.

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Can I Have My Own Server In Minecraft?

Yes, one can easily have their server in Minecraft. All you need is a reliable Minecraft server hosting to have your own server.

Which Minecraft Server Hosting Should I Go For?

We have mentioned some of the best Minecraft Server Hosting in this article. You can go for any of the above hostings.

What Should I Look For When Choosing A Minecraft Server Hosting?

You should check for uptime, speed, protection against vulnerability, and customer support when choosing a hosting. This can help you decide whether the hosting you are choosing is reliable or not.

Final Words

These are some of the best Minecraft server hosting that you can go for. Not only do these Minecraft server hostings offer a reliable experience, but they come at an affordable rate. What else? These hosting are quite easy to set up. You can set up the hosting easily, and get started within no time. If you are looking for Minecraft server hosting, these are some of the best options.  

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