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Top 10 Best Engineering Student Apps for Android | iPhone


Key Takeaways
  • Engineering students can study smarter by using apps on their Android or iPhone devices to access precise notes anytime and anywhere.
  • Top 10 engineering student apps for Android and iPhone include resources for various engineering streams like electrical, mechanical, aptitude, and basic electronics.
  • Apps like My Handbook, Electrical Skills, and EveryCircuit provide references, lectures, and simulations to help students score well in exams and understand difficult concepts clearly.

Are you an Engineering Student? Seriously? Then this article might be help you to Study smarter, than harder. Did you Know? Your Android Smartphone can play a major role on your studies. As you have it all the time with you, get some smart study apps and the battle is half won.

Top 10 Best Engineering Students Apps for Android | iPhone 2017
Top 10 Best Engineering Students Apps for Android | iPhone 2017

The life of engineering students is not easy. There are hundreds of chapters to study, tons of things to remember. To learn these things they need precise notes but, maintaining so many notes of so many chapters is just not possible. Alternately, students can make use of some apps which contain the reference of notes to study from. These notes are precise and need no maintenance and can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Don’t study hard, study smart 

Install Top 10 Engineering Student Best Apps for Android | iPhone 2017

So here we give you some of the best engineering apps to study from, which will help you score well in exams!

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#1 My Handbook:

For Android: [appbox googleplay com.shunya.aakshansh.eeedictionary&hl=en]

For iPhone: [appbox appstore]

This app provides essential references for engineers from various streams. It consists of a dictionary of technical terms with more than 15000 terms, frequently required more than 8000 formulas, around 4000 viva question, more than 2500 video lectures from world’s most famous universities. My Handbook is an up-to-date app which can be used by engineering students for studying.

#2 Electrical Skills:

For Android:[appbox googleplay com.faadooengineers.free_eeet&hl=en]

For iPhone: [appbox appstore]

This app is exclusively for electrical engineering students. It covers topics based on electrical engineering and provides with lectures, notes and books.It is one of the best apps for all the electrical engineering students!

#3 EveryCircuit:

For Android: [appbox googleplay]

For iPhone: [appbox appstore]

You can easily build and simulate circuits using this app. It gives a an equivalent to real time experience wherein you can watch dynamic voltage, current and charge animations. Also, you can adjust the parameters using analog knobs and observe the change in the circuit’s behaviours. It is an ideal app to learn the construction of circuits and its functionality.

#4 Mechanical Engineering:

For Android: [appbox googleplay com.softecks.mechanicalengineering&hl=en]

For iPhone: [appbox appstore]

This app is exclusively designed for mechanical engineering students. It covers more than 300 topics which prove to be useful for mechanical engineering students. Some topics are relatable to the students of other fields such as electrical engineering, civil engineering etc.

#5 Engineering Buddy Mumbai Univ.

For Android: [appbox googleplay in.dreamcorp.engineeringbuddy&hl=en]

This app has many features which are required by every engineering student such as EBXChange, C programs, attendance manager, timetable viewer, Mumbai University test papers, syllabus, University examination time table, important questions, forums, Mumbai University News, list of reference books, college guide, Mumbai University Results and classes and reviews. It is a must have app.

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#6 EngineersPoint

[appbox googleplay com.gatehelpdesk.engineerspoint&hl=en]

This app is best suited to those students who wish to appear for entrance exams for advanced courses such as JEE, IES, etc. EngineersPoint covers the topics based on Electrical, computer science, mechanical and various other streams of engineering.

#7 Engineering Aptitude

[appbox googleplay]

As its name suggests, one can use this app to improve the aptitude before appearing for any examination. It has different stages depending upon the qualification if the student i.e 1st year or 2nd year etc. It is amongst the best apps to improve the aptitude of a person.

#8 Basic Electronics Engineering

[appbox googleplay com.faadooengineers.free_basicelectronicsengineering&hl=en]

This app is recommended for electronics engineering students. It covers all the important topics and notes to study from. Also, it provides with quick revision before exams or interviews. You can Track your learning, set reminders, edit the study material, add favourite topics, share the topics on social media.

#9 Engineering Videos

[appbox googleplay in.applegend.myteacher&hl=en]

This app proves to be very helpful for students who find some topics difficult to understand. Using the resources provided by this app, one can understand those concepts clearly. The content covers topics from most of the major branches of engineering.

#10 NPTEL – All Engineering Lectures

[appbox googleplay learnskills.nptel.mech&hl=en]

This app can be used by both students and professors. It delivers it’s information using videos. These videos are well organized in the app. This app is updated on a daily basis hence, there is a lot of information stored here.

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Wrap Up: These were some of the best apps for engineering students to learn and revise all the difficult topics without sitting with a heap of books around you. These apps have consolidated notes and videos to learn from.

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