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Top 15 Best Calculator Apps For Android Of 2018


Key Takeaways
  • Calculators are essential in various aspects of life for calculations, and with the advancement in technology, calculator apps on Android are as accurate as physical calculators.
  • The top 15 best calculator apps for Android in 2018 cater to different needs like log calculations, EMI calculations, age calculations, percentage calculations, and more.
  • From scientific calculators to specialized calculators like EMI calculator and age calculator, these apps offer convenience and efficiency in various calculations on Android devices.

In Short Hacks: In the modern world, people need to calculate something or the other all the time. Students need to calculate their math problems, shop keepers need it to calculate the discount, business people need to calculate profit, etc. Without calculators, it would be very difficult to calculate any huge sum.Here we have listed Top 15 Best Calculator Apps for Android.

Top 15 Best Calculator Apps For Android Of 2017
Top 15 Best Calculator Apps For Android Of 2018

Calculators for Android: Calculators are a sort of lifesaver for those people who are not that good at calculations. However, is not practical anymore to carry a calculator around with us. Instead, we can now make use of calculator apps which are available on the Google Play Store. Their calculator apps are as accurate as the real ones. You can select any of the best calculator apps from the list mentioned below!

Having said this, let’s take a look at some of the best calculator apps which you can get to get your calculations to go easy! For basic mathematical operations, one can use the default calculators which are installed in every device. Here, we list advanced calculating apps.

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Top 15 Best Calculator Apps For Android

#1 Log and AntiLog Calculator

As the saying is ‘Necessity is the mother of invention‘, this app was developed by a class 12 student who was frustrated by looking up the log book to find values and hence, needed quick log values without searching the log book. Hence, he developed this app and published it as a helping hand to other people’s problem too! This app finds log as well as antilog values of any appropriate number you enter.

Download Log and Antilog Calculator For Android

[appbox googleplay com.burhanuday.logandantilogcalculator]


  • This app calculates log and antilog of a given number.
  • Bars are supported too!
  • So no carrying around those stupid log books
  • With this app, you can calculate faster!

#2 Full Log Calculation

This app is developed by the same developer who developed the log and antilog calculator app. The major difference between both these apps is that this app accepts two numbers, simplifies them and gives out the result along with required log and antilog workings.

Download Full Log Calculation For Android:

[appbox googleplay com.burhanuday.fulllogcalculation]


  • All you have to do is input the problem.
  • The app will do its magic and will show you the log calculation + final answer.
  • ️No need of carrying log books anymore.
  • Do your log calculations quickly and easily.

#3 Scientific Calculator

This is an all in one calculator since it has 12 different modes stuffed in this app. It has the basic mode, scientific mode, 64-bit programmer, graphing, complex numbers, Quick Formulas, Quick Converter, Time Calculator, Equation Solve, Financial and Periodic Table.

Download Scientific Calculator For Android:

[appbox googleplay com.two2coders.android.scientificcalculator]

#4 EMI Calculator

This calculator app allows you to calculate EMI with statistics and has different modes. Also, you can share the calculated EMI details via SMS or mail. You can create different loan profiles and view them at any time.

Download EMI Calculator for android:

[appbox googleplay com.finance.emi.calculate&hl=en]


  • Home Loan Eligibility section for estimating loan eligibility.
  • Share EMI details with clients using SMS/EMAIL.
  • Easy to Access and Innovative.
  • Good Usability.
  • App Available for FREE to use.

#5 Age Calculator

This app lets you accurately know your age in years-months-days format. Also, it tells you about how long your next birthday is, which days of the week will your birthday land in the following years along with the stats of a total number of hours, minutes and seconds you have lived so far.

Download Age Calculator For Android:

[appbox googleplay com.sapparray.agecalculator&hl=en]


  • Calculate your perfect age in years, months and days.
  • You can find out how many Month and days to go for your next birthday.
  • Share your age with your friends, family, etc.
  • Multiple date format.

#6 Percentage Calculator

This app helps in everyday calculations. It acts as a simple percentage calculator, tip calculator, discount calculator, profit margin calculator and much more.

Download Percentage Calculator:

[appbox googleplay info.percentagecalculator&hl=en]

#7 Handyman Calculator

This calculator is a complete construction calculator. It comes with Time Tracking tool, To-do list, CutList calculator, Feet and inches calculator, Square footage calculator, Construction calculator, Measurement calculator, Contractor calculator and much more.

Download Handyman Calculator for Android:

[appbox googleplay com.inturi.net.android.TimberAndLumberCalc&hl=en]

#8 Time Calculator

This app allows you to calculate the time difference between two times. It has a 24 hour or am/pm mode available. Setting current time becomes easy due to this app.

Download Time Calculator for Android:

[appbox googleplay com.androloloid.android.TimeCalc&hl=en]

#9 Tire Calculator

Using this app, you can notice the change in speedometer reading if you happen to change the size of your tire.

Download Tire Calculator for Android:

[appbox googleplay com.hulme.tirecalcfree&hl=en]

#10 Smart Hide Calculator

This is a totally usual calculator but, there is something which makes it stand apart from other calculators. Once you enter your password which you can set it on the first start of app and press the ‘=’ button then, you are into an interface where you can hide, unhide pictures, videos, documents or files with any file extension placed in a folder on sd card, and if you have your device rooted, you can also hide and unhide apps.

Download Smart Hide Calculator For Android:

[appbox googleplay com.ids.smartcalculator&hl=en]

#11 Calculator ++ | Best Calculator Apps

Are you looking for an efficient and easy-to-use calculator? Calculator ++ is for you! It is a multi-optional calculator app created for Android devices. It is well-designed and has a friendly intuitive interface. You can choose one of five different themes to your taste and add home screen widget.

Download Calculator ++ for android:

[appbox googleplay org.solovyev.android.calculator&hl=en]


  • Save your time!
  • Do calculations without switching between the apps!
  • Use powerful mathematical capabilities of the app

#12 CALCU™ Stylish Calculator Free | Free Calculator Apps

If you are looking for a calculator app that packs in a ton of customization options, CALCU is the one for you. CALCU is all about customizing your calculator’s looks and layout. The app offers various themes to choose from, that completely change the look of the calculator, including design, fonts and style.

Download CALCU for Android:

[appbox googleplay com.candl.athena]


  • See instant results
  • Swipe up on the keypad to reveal scientific keypad
  • Swipe down on the display to see calculation history
  • Support for Samsung Multi Window
  • Show memory keys option

#13 MyScript Calculator

The app lets you use your hand or a stylus pen to enter equations, after which it’s converted into a digital equation.With MyScript Calculator you can just write the mathematical expression on the screen, and MyScript converts it to digital text and shows the results immediately.

Download MyScript Calculator for Android:

[appbox googleplay com.visionobjects.calculator]

#14 Calculator by Google

It’s a basic calculator that is perfect for everyday use but what makes it a good pick is its extremely simple design and smooth working. You can do basic math calculations like multiplication, subtraction, and division, etc., and it can also handle a few scientific operations like the logarithm, trigonometry, constants, and exponentials.

Download Calculator by Google:

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.calculator&hl=en]


  • Perform basic calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Do scientific operations such as trigonometric, logarithmic, and exponential functions
  • Perform basic calculations on the go using Android Wear

#15 CalcTape | Best Free Calculator Apps

The app is great for doing the math and lets you check the changes in real-time so that you can easily edit results if need be. You can also comment next to the inputs to make sure you remember the purpose of entry. The button layout can be customized, so that the most important buttons are handy.

Download CalcTape for Android:

[appbox googleplay de.sfr.calctape]

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Wrap Up: These were some of the best free calculator apps of 2018 which could help you in everyday life calculations. If we have missed out on any such app then, please let us know in the comments.

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