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AT&T Data Breach: 70-Million-User Database is Being Sold on the Internet


Key Takeaways
  • AT&T, a major telecommunication company, had its database breached by a group of hackers known as ShinyHunters.
  • ShinyHunters claimed to have access to the personal information of over 70 million AT&T customers, including names, addresses, social security numbers, and more.
  • The data breach poses risks to customers as the database is being sold on Raid Forums, following a string of other breaches by ShinyHunters targeting various companies since 2020.

AT&T is a mobile digital communication company based in the United States. It is one of the biggest telecommunication companies to date. Recently, the database of AT&T was reported to be sold online. ShinyHunters breached the database of AT&T. ShinyHunters is a group of hackers that breached the database of various companies.

The group of hackers is claiming that they have access to the database of AT&T which holds the personal and sensitive information of more than 70 million customers.

On a post on Raid Forums, which is a hacker forum and marketplace, ShinyHunters asked for $200k for the database of AT&T.

What Data Does ShinyHunters Have?

As per sample records from ShinyHunters on the forum, they have access to the details of the customers including- names, addresses, date of birth, email address, social security number, and zip codes. These data of the customers are reported to be sold on the forum by the ShinyHunters, however, AT&T is yet to say whether the data breach is legitimate or not. If the data breach is legitimate then it will be a disaster for the company as well as the customers.

AT&T Data Breach of 70 Million Users

Government-backed hacking groups, ransomware gangs, spy agencies, or even scammers can buy the database. This will expose customers to all the physical and online threats.

The news came a few days after the T-Mobile customers’ records sold by the hackers on the same forum. T-Mobile confirmed the data breach to be legitimate. However, no connection has been established between both T-Mobile and AT&T data breaches.

AT&T Data Breach: 70-Million-User Database is Being Sold on the Internet

Previous Data Breaches By ShinyHunters

Since 2020, databases of various companies got hacked by ShinyHunters. ShinyHunters hacked the database of the following companies-

  • WattPad-271 million accounts leaked
  • Dunzo-11GB worth of data leaked
  • 123RF 8.3M accounts leaked
  • WedMeGood- 41.5 GB worth of data
  • Big Basket- 20 million accounts leaked
  • Minted-5 million accounts leaked
  • ProctorU-444,267 accounts leaked
  • Dave.com-7 million accounts leaked
  • Bhinneka-1 million+ accounts leaked
  • Mashable- 5.22GB worth of data
  • Tokopedia-91 million accounts leaked
  • Couchsurfing-17 million accounts leaked
  • Animal Jam– Tens of millions of users’ data, especially children.
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