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(Solution) Everyone is getting this wrong – An Ex police man Question


Key Takeaways
  • Ex-police man provides insights into common misconceptions about the police force
  • WhatsApp dare questions challenge participants to think critically
  • Solution reveals the correct answer to a popular dare question, highlighting the importance of fun and participation without seeking answers online

Have you ever wondered what life is really like behind the badge? In a world where the role of the police is often misunderstood, an ex-policeman’s perspective can shed light on the realities versus the common misconceptions. In this article, we’ll explore those misunderstandings and reveal what everyone is getting wrong.

(Answer) Everyone is getting this wrong – An Ex police man Question
(Answer) Everyone is getting this wrong – An Ex police man Question

On WhatsApp few challenge questions, and dare statuses are rolling around. Every day we see some challenging questions on WhatsApp or WhatsApp groups. And many don’t get the answer correct, and some of them just ignore these questions. And if you want to answer the question correctly, then you need some reference.

Here we have tried to solve some of the dare questions which are accessible on WhatsApp. The problem is about an ex-policeman. Check out the answer.

Everyone is getting this wrong – An Ex-policeman

This is a WhatsApp dare question that you might have seen on WhatsApp. Some of your friends might have sent you this question on WhatsApp. If you give the wrong answer, you have to keep this question on your Whatsapp Status, and you need to mention that “I lost to (friend name).

The Ex-Police’s main question is:

Everyone is getting wrong, 

An ex-policeman lost his house in his car, his girlfriend. What did he lose first?

I lost to [friend name]

If you don’t want to write the whole question, then you can download the question image given below. Download the picture and post it on your status or provide the correct answer.


According to the question, everyone thinks that the policeman lost his house first as the question mentions “lost his house.” But the answer is the policeman has lost His Job first, not the house. As he is an ex-policeman, he has lost his job first, then house, car, and girlfriend.

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Whatsapp dares and other challenging questions are made to have some fun with friends and relatives. You can enjoy these types of questions. However, it is better not to search for the answer on the internet as it kills all the fun. It is good to answer these questions on your own.

I hope you have got the right answer to “Everyone is getting wrong – An Ex-policeman Question.” Share your opinion in the comment section below. And if you have any other dare questions, then please do share them with us.

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