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What Is about:blank? How To Remove About Blank Blocked?


Key Takeaways
  • About:blank is an empty page option that appears in web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, or Edge, presenting only the title.
  • About:blank is not malicious but can indicate malware presence; removing it can improve user experience and security.
  • To remove About:blank, run antivirus software, clean browser history and cache, and reset browser settings or use anti-malware programs to detect issues.

Have you ever faced about:blank while visiting any web address on your browser? If yes, then there is nothing to worry about. In this article, we will examine the About Blank option and find whether you should remove it and, if yes, how? So, if you’re curious to know about About Blank, just stick with us.

The About Blank or about:blank option stands for an empty page in your web browser. Whether you’re using Firefox, Chrome, or Edge, the About Blank leads to generating a blank page that only shows the title. This option can also be used for opening a new blank page in your web browser. Let’s move forward to learn What is about:blank and how to remove it?

What Is about:blank? How To Remove About Blank Blocked?

What is about:blank?

The blank pages built into the browser are important to access the services of web browsers. The browsers use this type of page to process the Internal command. This targets the internal commands which you want to perform in the system. There are some options like About:cache, About:plugins, About:blank#blocked, About:blank#blocked StackOverflow, and many more.

About blank are not the completely blank pages, but it attains some internal actions done by the browser. We can conclude this as a blank page that doesn’t have a URL. This is an inbuilt function of the browser. Well, this function also indicates the availability of malware in the system. If you’re continuously facing the availability of about:blank in your system, your system may have malware.

What Is about:blank? How To Remove About Blank?

What causes about:blank?

Well, there are many reasons which About Blank appears on your web browser. When you click on a downloading link and the page is connected with any web page, then the loading time of the downloading link will let this page open. Also, if you open the page with the help of a download link and the page will show nothing, then the About:blank will start appearing on your screen.

If the web browser cannot understand what to show according to the search, a blank will start appearing on your screen. Well, it is not malicious to your system, but if it shows continuously in a loop, it may generate some problems in the future. It is not a serious matter or a problematic issue, but happening in a loop will not provide you with a good user experience, so you should remove it if it is inconvenient.

How Do I Get Rid of About:blank Error On Chrome

About:blank error is not something that can be removed from your web browser. But, if you see it every time you launch the web browser, you can change your web browser’s homepage.

However, About Blank is a normal thing that occurs for various reasons, but if you face About Blank on every web page that you visit, this can be a severe issue. Here are a few solutions that might help you get rid of the about:blank appears continuously.

  • To remove About Blank, you must run antivirus software in your system. If this problem is happening due to harmful malware, this will get dismissed with the help of an Anti-virus.
  • You should clean your history and the cache available in your web browser. Sometimes this will also create a problem of About:blank in your web browser.
  • If you have placed different settings in your web browser, this can also be a problem that occurs About:Blank problem. In this situation, you should revert back your web browser settings to as usual.
    • First of all, open your web browser and go to the “Settings” option
    • A list will open; you have to go to the below option and select the “Advance” option.
    • Under this section, select the choose the “Reset” option.
    • Confirm your command to reset and return to your home page.
  • You can also use anti-malware programs to detect what causes that about:blank on your web browser.

Is about:blank is Any Virus or Malware?

No, the about blank page is not any virus or malware that causes harm to your system. It is generally a blank page that a web browser shows in a situation when it doesn’t have any content to serve on that page.

Moreover, about:blank is also used by many antiviruses or anti-malware programs that show this empty page when they find any malicious web pages. It could be a sign that your computer may affect by harmful viruses or malware.


So, this was the complete guide on What is about:blank and how to remove it. By following the steps, you can quickly get rid of continuously facing the About:Blank option in your web browser. Hopefully, this information was helpful to you. If you have any queries regarding the same, just drop a comment below.


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