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5 Common Constraints in Construction project management & HOW TO DEAL with them


Dealing with a construction project is not a cakewalk. It requires immense research, planning, and analysis to develop the best solution that satisfies the client. 

To deal with these complex processes and numerous people, you require a system, construction project management software widely preferred by architects, engineers, and project managers. 

However, like any other process, construction projects come with the downside, which, when ignored, damages the result irreversibly. 

Here we point out the typical constraints of managing a construction project and ways to deal with them. 

  • Undefined objectives and scope

Sometimes stakeholders don’t precisely know what their expectations and wants are. When the goals are unclear, a project manager finds it challenging to devise a strategy.

As one leads to another, it affects the entire project’s progress. To prevent this confusion, you can ask the stakeholders a set of questions, show references, and communicate in the whole project process.

Evidently, better inputs shape better plans and thus results in quality output. It is not necessary to always have a face to face discussion on the scope; instead, you can communicate through construction project management software. 

It even records all the samples, documents, and conversations you can use to determine if any discrepancy occurs from the client-side. 

  • Insufficient risk management

Construction projects always have risks. The greater the risk, the more will be the expense. Planning without analyzing the risk is not an advisable way to carry out any project in general.

It is a cyclic process as one influences another, ending up losing money, resources, and even laborers.

That is why identifying the risk at its initial stage while planning is an ideal practice. Substantially, every project manager has the responsibility to detect potential problems and mitigate them.

Construction project management software like FOURSITE has unique features to monitor the progress and evaluate the possible risks at the beginning.

  • Hindrance in Cash Flow

Every construction project relies on cash flow. If payments are delayed, it will affect the company’s incoming revenue.

This, in turn, affects several other projects in the pipeline. Often, the cashflow hindrance occurs due to outdated invoicing systems or irregularity with the clients.

Both can be solved with a significant construction project management software with the latest invoicing system that alerts clients to make the payments on time. You can use such tools to rectify the cost-related issues.

  • Unrealistic forecasting

Clients and stakeholders demand massive output within an unrealistic deadline or on a limited budget. These challenges are hard to handle for even a skilled project manager.

As a result, it hinders the team’s productivity, ending up exhausting everyone working overtime to make ends meet. Why strain so much in such cases?

All these may be due to unrealistic forecasting. You can smartly manage them by breaking them into daily, weekly, and monthly goals. 

Also, if necessary, you can negotiate the terms and possibilities with the stakeholders. Provide them with “PLAN-B” so that they are convinced with the achievable timeline.

  • Lack of Stakeholder support

If a stakeholder shows zero interest and support, then no wonder they won’t receive the desired deliverables.

Often, their participation is a common challenge to many construction project management. 

The stakeholders’ disinterest can result in delays and reworks that frustrates both the project managers and team members.

To stop this, you can communicate and convey the importance of their active participation and feedback towards the project. 

You can send updates and ask for feedback through construction project management software.


These are some of the common problems that occur in construction project management. Yet, you can use construction project management software to mitigate all these problems seamlessly. 

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