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Web Design: Study For Yourself Or Pay For Courses?


Key Takeaways
  • Web design self-study is essentially free with abundant online resources, from tutorials to mockups, and minimal subscription costs.
  • Self-paced learning allows for flexible scheduling and access to the latest design trends, offering the chance to learn from industry experts worldwide.
  • However, self-study requires strong commitment, may lack comprehensive materials, and risks overlooking important details that could impact overall education quality.

With the advent of the Internet, it has become increasingly common for us to think, “Why pay someone to study when I can find everything online freely?

Really, that’s a very good question. After all, on the one hand, the Internet provides us with all the necessary materials for training. On the other hand, it is much easier to learn new things with a mentor than alone.

In this article, we will consider with you the pros and cons of self-study in web design.

1. It’s practically free.

The necessary books in the electronic version can be either bought quite cheaply, or downloaded at all for free. Well, the fact that the Internet is full of all kinds of lessons, tutorials, mockups (like this free box mockup) and theoretical materials, and it is not worth talking about. At the most you will have to invest money for a subscription to the site with tutorials. But such sites are very few, most are completely free.

2. You can make your own schedule.

This is a plus only for people with the superpower to organize themselves and their time properly. You don’t have to adjust to others, learn at any moment of the day or night and set the duration of the classes yourself.

3. You are always aware of the latest trends

While specialized websites are always on the crest of the wave, different schools of web design often do not follow the trends much. So, learning for yourself, you have the opportunity to learn the latest and most fashionable techniques, rather than wasting your time on outdated trends.

4. You have the opportunity to learn from the best in the world

If you have a good look, you can find various videos and articles from the most top web designers of our time.

5. Experience of work

y training, you can easily take on projects that you can do. So, not only do you get practical experience, but you also build a portfolio. Well, you can make some money too, even if it’s not much.

No matter how cool it sounds, there are disadvantages to self-study:

1. It takes a very strong commitment

By learning on your own, you can give up at any time and leave everything halfway. In the case of a course or school, you will at least be chewed up by your conscience for the money spent on your studies, so you will not be able to quit so easily.

2. Not all materials may be available.

Not all of us know how to search the Internet. If the thought of constantly searching for the source of knowledge causes you nervous tremors in your knees, it is better to seek knowledge from experts.

3. You may miss out on important details

You can always see better from the outside. And a mentor will always sweep your slightest mistakes and turns the wrong way and lead on the true path. Learning by yourself, you can not guarantee yourself the best quality and full education. No matter how cool you are in self-learning, gaps in knowledge are likely to emerge in the future.

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