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3 Ways to Verify Auto-history Using VIN


Key Takeaways
  • VIN-code is a unique identification number encoded with the vehicle's entire history, approved by the ISO.
  • When checking a car using the VIN-code, buyers can access detailed information such as general vehicle details, ownership history, and theft records.
  • The VIN can be found on various parts of the car and can be checked online to ensure transparency in the vehicle's history before purchase.

If a person who is going to buy a car is not a car mechanic with many years of experience, then purchasing a car will be a challenging experience. Therefore, after a visual inspection, it is advisable to check the car according to the VIN-code. What it is about and how it can help you to avoid fails — read below.

3 Ways to Verify Auto-history Using VIN
3 Ways to Verify Auto-history Using VIN

The term VIN-code means the identification number of the vehicle in which the entire history of the car is encrypted. A unique code for each machine is approved by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

What It Can Tell You About the Auto

When purchasing a used vehicle, the future owner must check the car by VIN, no matter what the current owner tells. It also concerns the salon cars, as there are many cases of selling stolen autos through specialized stores. For proper checking, many people use FAX VIN, as it gives the most relevant and urgent information about the vehicle.

Having checked up on a car by VIN-code, a potential buyer will receive the following data:

  • General information: the country of production, year, the model of the vehicle, etc.
  • The actual owners of the vehicle: their number, as well as a report on operations that were carried out with the auto: registration/deregistration, a copy of the registration certificate, change of the VIN-code, etc.
  • With the help of the tool, you can establish whether the purchased auto is stolen/wanted.
  • Deciphering the code on the website will show if the car was a participant in an

If the fact of such actions is established, the potential buyer will receive info about the place of the accident, the date, as well as damage that the car received.

Where to Find It

Most often, the registration number could be found at the following auto elements:

  • the frame of the door from the driver’s side (in some cases it can be from the passenger side);
  • the front of the engine;
  • the heat-insulating partition;
  • the left wheel;
  • the steering wheel, etc.

Also, VIN is prescribed in the registration certificate for the vehicle, warranty card, and insurance.

Where to Make a VIN Check?

Use online services. This option is the most acceptable, as it allows checking the car without leaving the flat or office. Many online resources operate with such databases.

3 Ways to Verify Auto-history Using VIN
3 Ways to Verify Auto-history Using VIN

As a result, the potential buyer sees the real picture — the true story of the car, but not the “fairy tale” that the seller tells. The response to the request is processed almost instantly. The algorithm of actions is the same for all online resources: first, you need to enter the VIN-code in a special window, then click on the “Check” option.

Using the above info, the driver will be insured against purchasing a vehicle with a “bad” auto history.

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