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How to Get Virtual Phone Numbers for International Calls


Key Takeaways
  • Virtual phone numbers are digital numbers used for international calls, directing call traffic towards mobile numbers, promoting professionalism, and being cost-efficient.
  • Organizations provide virtual phone numbers for subscription fees, offering benefits like unlimited international calls, personalized numbers, and multiple device associations.
  • To get a virtual phone number, research reputable providers, create an account, choose a country's number, pay the subscription, and enjoy cost-effective international communication.

A virtual phone number is a digital number that is not associated with a specific telephone line. Also termed as a DID (Direct Inward Dialing), you can use your virtual phone number to direct all your national or international call traffic towards single or multiple dedicated mobile numbers.

 How to Get Virtual Phone Numbers for International Calls

It is indeed a great idea to have a virtual phone number when you have multiple international ties and clients because,

  • It promotes professionalism and how much you have invested in your work.
  • It is exceptionally cost-efficient! In other words, when using a virtual phone number for an international call, you’re making two local calls based on the country you belong to, which is still a better option when we take a look at international calls tariff.

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Organizations are providing virtual phone numbers.

Now, the question arises, how to get a virtual phone number? Well, multiple top-notch organizations and firms specifically deal with such kinds of requests. Most of the companies Edgility provide virtual phone numbers on a subscription basis. Like, all you need to do is pay a monthly or quarterly amount for the number and what you get is,

  • Unlimited international calls
  • Personalized virtual number
  • Multiple device associations, i.e., the virtual number, can be associated with your mobile, landline, PC, etc.

How to order one? It’s simple

  • Do some research and choose a well-reputed virtual phone number to provide an organization with budget plans compatible with your needs.
  • Create a free user account.
  • Go to the ‘numbers’ menu in your account and choose the country whose virtual number you want to get. Let’s say you’re residing in the UK and have clients in the USA, so you’re going to get a USA virtual phone number.
  • Choose a number or get a personalized one, pay the subscription, and voila! Welcome to a new era of professionalism.

How virtual phone numbers work?

Think about this; John is a multinational retail businessman living in the USA. All of his friends and family can contact John on his US-based physical number while spending a minimal amount while doing so.

But, when John has to make/receive international phone calls, it costs him a small fortune monthly. Being an enthusiastic entrepreneur, he knows that there is something he must do about this. Finally, one day John gets a virtual UK-based phone number; a significant proportion of John’s clients is from the UK.

Now, John associates this virtual number with the various local phone number in his office during the weekdays and with his local number during the weekends. So, whenever a client calls, he/she is received with a professional greeting message, and the whole process runs smoothly while costing him a very minimal sum if he decides to call his clients himself.

Is it safe to use a virtual phone number?

Of course, it is! Having a virtual phone number for international calls is not an illegal process in almost all the world countries, as long as you’re not involved in any fraudulent or harmful activities through these numbers.

A virtual phone number not only allows the user to have a minimal amount spend on international communication, but one can also set up verified social media accounts such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Communication giants like Skype provide their virtual numbers to their users on request.

In 2021, digitalization trends are getting broader day by day, especially in the field of marketing communication. So, why not take your business and yourself to the next step of modernization of this world as we know it?

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