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Spy on Others Phone Using Fonemonitor?


Key Takeaways
  • Fonemonitor is a software developed for spying on mobile phones, compatible with iPhone and Android, and can track calls, messages, social media, and more.
  • To use Fonemonitor, users can install the app on the target device without their knowledge, and then log in to a dashboard on the website to access recorded logs and monitor various activities.
  • The app allows users to track text messages, GPS location, call logs, internet history, app activities, and social media messages, making it beneficial for monitoring children and deterring any malicious activities.

Want to keep an eye on your child’s activities? Want to spy on your friends or wife’s mobile phone? Want to track someone’s location? If you need all in one this, then there is a perfect solution for you. Nowadays, internet and mobiles have become a basic necessity for a man. Without mobiles, one can find himself in a difficult situation to cope up with the trend. People of various ages use this for various purposes like gaming for kids, social media for adults and etc.


Children use mobiles for surfing, social media and games. But, as a parent, it is very important to keep tabs on your child’s activities. Child locks have become an overused technique which can be cracked easily. So, is there any other way? Yes, Fone monitor provides you with an option to spy on your child’s mobile without his knowledge.

What’s Fonemonitor?

Fonemonitor is a software developed by the company of the same name which is primarily used for spying on others mobile phone and get data’s from them. Basically it’s like a spy phone app. It is compatible with both iPhone and android and can track call, MS, WhatsApp, Facebook and much more. You can also use fonemonitor in your desktop but you need to give the phone number which you use for registration purposes.

How to get Fonemonitor?

Fonemonitor is available in both play store and in App store. It can also be downloaded from several websites for a PC version. Demo version is available for free whereas you are required to pay some amount to obtain endless fur version service. This can be used to track phones, Phone numbers and \details of callers etc. Fonemonitor basically uses GPS tracking and certain phone setups for tracking purposes.

How to use Fonemonitor?

For android users, the first step is to install the application and register for an account in fonemonitor. You’ll be taken to registration form where you’ll be asked to fill out details like name, phone number etc. Once you’re signed in, the server will ask you the information about the target device name, name of the owner, mobile number etc.
Now you need to install the app on target’s mobile without their knowledge. Download the APK file from website and launch the APK file to download it. Once the app is downloaded, sign in using your credentials and grant permissions the application asks. The best part here is that, even after the installation, the icon will remain hidden and will record all things the user does without his/her knowledge.

Next step, you need to log in to www.Fonemonitor.com and you’ll see the dashboard in which logs are recorded. There are several options on the dashboard which enables us to get more information. This is the setup methods for an android user. For iPhone users, the steps are very similar except it gets verification from iCloud for both the host and the target iPhones.

Salient features:

1) It monitors text messages:

Fonemonitor enables us to read and track text messages on iPhone and Android mobiles. In addition to that, it also enables the host mobile to play and download MMS messages sent to the target phone. This can throw some light on whom your boyfriend/child/husband is texting secretly.

2) Track GPS Location:

If you want to know the exact place where your child is or you want to track the location of someone just use Fonemonitor to find them. It enables you to track the location of the target phone via GPS.

3) Monitor call logs and check contacts:

Tracking call logs is the main thing to track from a target device. Fonemonitor helps you to spy on target device’s calls and also hacks into contact books of the target device.

4) Track internet history:

You can also keep in tabs with sites visited by the user of the target device by checking his/ her internet history using this application.

5) Monitor app activities:

You can identify any mischievous activities like secret application downloading and usage of application from the monitor phone using this app. Fonemonitor helps you by giving information about recent applications activity, photos, videos etc.

6) Monitor WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook and other social media apps’ messages, photos, videos.

Social media has certainly created a huge stirl among youngsters.Using this application it will be a very easy job for the holder to check Whatsapp messages, Facebook notifs, Instagram notifs etc. of the target mobile.

7) Keylogger

Why Fonemonitor?

Fonemonitor must be used only for good purposes rather than stalking into other people’s life. It is a very useful application for government officials, detective organizations, investigation companies and army men to track down data from enemies and trace their place using this. It can also be used to keep in tabs with released criminals and monitor children’s activities.

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