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RuneScape for iOS: find out all the main details about this upcoming Closed Beta


Key Takeaways
  • RuneScape, a popular MMORPG known for its user-friendly interface, archaic graphics, and diverse gameplay elements, is expanding to mobile devices to reach a wider audience.
  • An Android Beta version of RuneScape has been well-received, prompting Jagex to launch a Closed Beta version for iOS devices starting on May 11th, with full compatibility between PC, Android, and iOS.
  • The Closed Beta will have limited slots, requiring players to download the TestFlight app and meet certain device requirements, with Jagex seeking feedback to enhance the mobile gaming experience.

RuneScape is a famous MMORPG developed by Jagex, which has been recognized for being one of the most user-friendly online videogames in history and for its long life that still remains productive. RuneScape has a characteristic style within current MMORPGs, due to its archaic-looking graphics, which is rewarded with highly polished and high-quality gameplay. This MMORPG offers all the basic elements of its genre, such as customizable avatars, diversity of classes and breeds, skills, growth system based on levels and experience points, among others. But, it is quite obvious that RuneScape includes these very common elements, as this was one of the most important precursors in the formation of modern MMORPGs.

RuneScape has always been recognized as a videogame that anyone with a PC can play, since it is hosted entirely in the Internet Browser, so no specific hardware or downloads are required to run it properly. There is no doubt that this aspect has been a determining factor in the success of this MMORPG. However, Jagex is still eager to expand the reach of its MMORPG, and has decided to launch RuneScape for mobile devices.

Just two years ago, Jagex released RuneScape for Android devices in a Beta version that continues to be refined to this day but has still managed to gain excellent acceptance from those who tested it. The version of RuneScape for mobile devices has stood out for correctly adapting all the features offered in the version for Internet Browser, being able to be executed comfortably from the smartphones.

In addition, the version of RuneScape for mobile has even caused the expansion of business generated by players getting RuneScape gold for sale, as the process of getting this currency has become a little rough on smartphones, so players are opting to buy RS gold on virtual gold marketplaces.

That said, Jagex always had a vision of bringing their MMORPG to as many mobile devices as possible and not just Android devices, so they had also tried to launch RuneScape for Apple mobile devices. But, it was a few days ago that Jagex finally confirmed the release of RuneScape IOS for next May 11th of this year, but as expected, in a Closed Beta version.

The RuneScape iOS Closed Beta is the first opportunity for Apple iOS device owners to get their hands on the Beta-phase smartphone version of their favorite MMORPG. One of the great advantages of RuneScape for IOS devices is its full compatibility with both PC and Android versions, so you can pick up where you left off on your PC and vice versa.

But being a Closed Beta, this RuneScape for IOS will only be available to a limited number of players at the moment, and the first wave of registrations to play it will arrive on May 11th. Later, new registration waves will be presented until the 9,900 slots available are filled.

To access the RuneScape iOS Closed Beta, players must download the free TestFlight app via the Appstore. Once installed, instructions within TestFlight will need to be followed in order to download the RuneScape iOS Closed Beta.

Jagex has also revealed that the requirement for playing the RuneScape iOS Closed Beta will be an Apple device running iOS 10 or later with a 64-bits CPU. It was also noted that it will not be necessary to be a member of RuneScape in order to play this MMORPG.
Having said this, Jagex has also mentioned that it was inevitable to limit considerably the number of players allowed in RuneScape Closed Beta due to TestFlight itself, as the functionality of this app term restricts the number of simultaneous users within this Closed Beta.

In addition, development of RuneScape for mobile devices is still ongoing. Jagex explained that he is trying to create a complete RuneScape experience, offering everything that is available on the PC version of the game, including new content such as Archaeology, but players should still expect to encounter some issues with this one.

Finally, Jagex hopes that the RuneScape IOS Closed Beta will encourage constructive feedback from its participants, as their experiences and comments will help make RuneScape for mobile a complete and satisfying experience in the future.

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