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6 Reasons To Fall in Love With Utopia Messenger for PC


I’m overwhelmed by how many people make the obvious mistakes surfing the Net: they do not use anti-malware and Brandauer, they do not care about the security level of their emails and messengers, they use the same passwords for every service. In the result, governmental organizations, big corporations, malicious hackers get access to people’s private data and use it for their own needs, creating their own databases.6 Reasons To Fall in Love With Utopia Messenger for PC

Best case scenario is this is done in order to increase the time of your stay on the Internet by making you interested in advertising, content, and other resources on a topic of your interest. In the worst-case scenario, the attackers will use your info against you violating your privacy and safety. The proficient users surf the Net with due diligence. They carefully protect their devices, software, personal data, Internet connections, and their digital footprint on the Internet and use a private messenger for PC.

I managed to find an all-in-one solution which allows me to bring my Internet communication and surfing under control – Utopia ecosystem. With this article, you will learn what Utopia is, why its messenger is the safest among analogs.

About Utopia

Utopia is an enclosed-type peer-to-peer (P2P) ecosystem developed on the principles of the blockchain (entirely decentralized) and groundbreaking encryption. It integrates communication and browsing services, financial tools with own cryptocurrency, and entertaining and organizing gimmicks.

Though the official launch is scheduled for 3 October 2019, the product is completely in working order.

Communication tools

Instant Messenger. You can add Utopia users to your contacts and start secure and anonymous communication. IM allows to send both text and voice messages, attach files and documents in unlimited quantities. You can create your own channels (both private and public) or join the existing ones. It’s possible to specify the location of your chat with uMap (built-in map.)

The devs have even bothered to provide a ton of cool stickers for those who love ‘visual aids.’ Another perk is ‘mood message’ which is depicted right near your username. Besides, you can manage your status – Online, Away, Do not disturb, Invisible, Offline, which is quite convenient and reminds our first messengers.

uMail. That’s great email, esp. for business communication. There is an Address book, standard mailbox, a lot of useful filters. In addition, you can attach a crypto card and voucher in addition to any type of files.


Idyll Browser. You can anonymously browse the websites created within Utopia network. Moreover, you can create your own website and streaming service. The connections are encrypted and anonymized so no third-parties can trace your activity there.

Financial tools

uWallet. You can create Crypto Cards, which make it possible to pay and receive payments within the ecosystem, safely and anonymously. As per standard practice, the fee is charged. To a certain extent, it prevents network flooding.

All the transactions are done with Crypton (CRP) – Utopia cryptocurrency. It’s minable. Mining, in this case, is packets routing support. Users are paid for every 15 minutes being online. Only up to 2 Gb of memory can be used in the process. In addition, you can use mining bots to earn more.


 Games. For now, you can play Chess with your Utopia fellows. I believe more games will be available soon.

File Manager and Transfer Manager, uNS and Channel Manager are the tools which help you to organize and manage your activity on Utopia more effectively and with due convenience.

What distinguishes it from other messengers?

There are several reasons why I consider Utopia IM to be the best messenger for desktop.

  1. Anti 1984 concept that devs applied to it

Well, if you did finish the high school, you know that 1984 is a novel of George Orwell which describes such social organization as totalitarianism which presupposes the total control of authorities over all aspects of people’s lives. That’s what we can observe today though speak about human freedom. So, Utopia presents:

  • Anonymous registration. I consider it’s vital. Utopia doesn’t require any phone numbers or email addresses of yours. That’s an additional level of confidentiality.
  • P2P architecture. Utopia’s entirely decentralized – all data is stored on each peer’s local device, access to which is impossible for third parties. That’s the most secure organization which excludes surveillance on the Web.
  • Edgy encryption methods. Your local storage is encrypted by 256-bit AES combined with elliptic curve cryptography (Curve25519 to be precise). If it doesn’t say anything to you, that’s quite sophisticated encryption which, on top, of all, doesn’t slow down your PC (what is happening with Tor, for instance)
  1. Convenience

 Ease of use and convenience is the second requirement after the high security level. Nobody wants to brainstorm while searching for the necessary button.

  • Convenience is achieved through the integration of other tools and services first. All services you use daily are united within one ecosystem. The interface is simple even for not very proficient PC users. In addition, you can freely customize its dashboard as you like.
  • Availability. You can install Utopia on macOS, Windows, and Linux for free. The mobile version is in development.
  1. Potential 

The concept of ecosystem presupposes that it’s scalable. You can create your own websites, e-stores and so on. Thus, the ecosystem will broaden and filled up. With time, it will bring even more value.

Moreover, devs promise the addition of new features as calls and the possibility of creation of own themes.

Resume: Does Utopia offer the best private messenger for PC?

No need to google “secret conversation messenger pc.” I’m deeply convinced that a business owner, or a journalist, or a whistle-blower will find Utopia great alternative to the existing tools for web-privacy like Signal, Tor, etc.

But I’m not imposing my thoughts; you are free to decide for yourself.

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