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Must-Have Tools For Students To Organize the Study Process


Key Takeaways
  • TCYOnline offers a wide range of study materials and sample tests for various subjects and exams, including school level and entrance exams.
  • EasyBib is a comprehensive platform for creating citations, checking for grammatical errors and plagiarism in writing assignments.
  • EssayPro provides professional writing services for essays, dissertations, research papers, and more, with the option to choose your own writer and communicate throughout the process.

Studying is not everyone’s favorite thing to do. Some absolutely love it while others need a little push to get things in order. But everyone could use a little help in organizing the tasks, schedules and manage time along the way.

With the internet today, there is a whole lot of tools options that aid in the study process. So to save you some time, we did the research and here are the must-have tools to help you educationally.

1. TCYOnline

According to its website, TCYOnline is the only trainer you need for studying. The tool offers a full board of categories to choose from. Whether it is for languages, science, mathematics or even for pursuing the options to study abroad, the website has an option for all.

Right from the school level to entrance exams for high-level jobs, the website features every exam there is and provides study materials and sample tests for the same. There are separate challenges and quizzes that students can take to prepare themselves for the tests. Though the online website was launch only in 2009, TCY has been a pioneer in the educational industry since 1998. With their exclusive phone app, it is even more accessible to students all over the world.

2. EasyBib

EasyBib is an all in one literary platform that provides all the necessary tools to make your writing impeccable. It is the best tool available online to create citations. All you need to do is enter the source link and select the style. There are more than 7000 citation styles available including MLA, APA, Chicago and more.

Apart from the citation, the website can also be used to check for grammatical errors, sentence structure, and plagiarism. The tool offers accurate and fast proofreading to ensure that all your writing assignments and papers are devoid of any mistakes.

The website also has many comprehensive guides on citations and other useful tips to improve your writing skills.

3. EssayPro

For all your writing requirements, EssayPro.com is the ultimate destination. The team of professionals who focuses on providing essays and other editing services for any academic paper is always available on the website. EssayPro can write your essay online in the shortest timeframe, making it one of the top choices to get an assignment done in the last minute.

You can choose the writer by yourself and communicate with them directly throughout the entire process. This service includes custom essay writing, dissertation, research paper, term papers, and admission essays. Essays could be of any level from school to Ph.D. Along with it, the website also features an entire blog section with all the essential tips for writing.

For quick essay services, you can use their mobile app too.

4. SoundNote

Among the new age note-taking tools, SoundNote is one of the sleekest and efficient ones. The app permanently records classes and lectures while allowing us to take notes at the same time. Later, you can listen to the video and check the notes at the same time.

You can also tap on a particular note, and the audio will jump to the exact moment. The app is handy in keeping track of the notes, even if you miss out any detail. The app enables not just typing, but also drawings.

These recordings and files could further be shared across devices to your laptop or phone making it easily accessible.

5. Exam Countdown Lite

Tools come most handy when there is an exam coming up. Students not only need to organize their studies but also have to keep track of the exact dates of the exams. Enter the best exam timetable app, the Exam Countdown Lite.

The app stores all the dates for exams and tests and shows the countdown number to the dates. You can customize it with different color codes and add the information like exam centers and timings as notes.

There is also an option to share the info with fellow students or even teachers and parents across a variety of sharing platforms. It is a great way to be reminded of the upcoming schedule to plan your study timetable.

These tools help students to boost their confidence and support their schedules at the same time. Give them a try and see for yourself how it works for you.

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