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5 Luxury Gizmos That Are Worth the Splurge


When technology makes friends with luxury, some of the most indulgent gadgets in the world are created. In this post, we’ll cover 5 luxury gizmos that boast an incredible design and unique tech. From a gold-coated Sony PlayStation 5 to sci-fi-inspired portable shelters for your beyond-reach-yet-connected getaways, some of the items discussed below are truly astonishing. So, keep reading and, perhaps very soon, you’ll be ready to order something too-good-to-be-true and definitely worth-the-splurge luxury gizmo. 

Here’s a quick overview of the luxury tech miracles we’ll let you in on below: 

  • Jupe: space-inspired portable shelter for your unforgettable glamping adventures in the great outdoors;
  • Mu-so: a state of the art wireless speaker system to match your Bentley;
  • Grobo: a high-tech box for the ultimate gardening-indoors experience;
  • Golden Rock: a mind-blowing console to incorporate luxury into your video gaming fun;
  • Hariana Tech-Smart: a multi-functional all-in-one bed for tech aficionados (yes, it does come with a massage feature).

1. Jupe: Futuristic Portable Shelter for Your Cozy Retreats

Going glamping is a great idea these days when people are either forced to stay at home all the time or have to retreat to faraway open places to stay away from the crowd. With all the right high-tech infusions for your maximum comfort, the Jupe flat-pack shelter will take your camping adventure to a whole new level. 

Inspired by cosmic aesthetics and interstellar shuttles and named after the planet Jupiter, the geometric Jupe flat-pack shelter is an innovative alternative to conventional glamping tents and yurts. Built-in Los Angeles by a team that worked for Tesla and SpaceX, Jupiter is a structure based on aluminum poles and fire-proof canvas. LED lights along the poles provide illumination in the dark.

The assembly takes up about an hour. The entryway of the shelter creates panoramic views of all the surrounding scenery. The structure comes with windows for additional ventilation and light. The interior features a queen-size bed, wood flooring, lofty ceilings and can additionally include a desk and a chair. The shelter comes with a Wi-Fi network, USB charging stations, and a solar panel array for powering four electrical outlets. You’ll even get to track order while in the great outdoors and waiting for that special parcel to arrive. 

2. Mu-so: A Speaker System to Go With Your Bentley

Are you on the prowl for a speaker system to suit your Bentley? The Naim Mu-so Bentley Special Edition Wireless Speaker System is sure to tickle your fancy. In action, this wooden-finish gizmo comes with fantastic attention to detail and provides an out-of-this-world listening experience to its owner. And yes, it embodies the concept of Bentley in the most beautiful way.

In a nutshell, Mu-so is a combination of authentic audio quality, modern song-streaming possibilities, top-level Bentley design-inspired configuration, wonderful usability, and even the function to transform your TV sound. Via this brilliant wireless speaker system, you will make the most of a treasure trove of radio stations, as well as the possibility to stream from Spotify directly. Mu-so works with every device that has Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay2, and Chromecast integrated. 

Want to listen to your favorite TV shows while driving? Just connect via HDMI and enjoy the transformative TV sound feature in action. Is playing different songs in different rooms your current need? Mu-so is the answer. The system is a delight to use. It comes with the Naim app to help you skyrocket your audio experiences to stardom. Overall, Mu-so is the perfect all-in-one speaker designed for top-level performance.

3. Grobo: Horticulture on Your Own Terms

If gardening and horticulture have become an important part of your life amid lockdowns, this high-tech growing box might be exactly what you need. Yes, cultivating quality crops comes with a steep learning curve and is usually associated with facing multiple challenges. However, equipped with the Grobo Premium indoor gardening system, you’ll find the process a lot easier.

Boasting its sleek vertical form, the system fits in the tightest spaces and looks excellent in any room. The Grobo indoor gardening system comes with everything you need to get started, including high-quality tech to form an ideal gardening environment, while providing you with instant tips. Once you set the thing up initially, the only major task you’ll deal with to succeed is changing water. Easy indoor gardening on your own terms. And you get to connect with other gardeners via the Grobo app to exchange tips and hacks.

4. Golden Rock: Glam up Your Gaming Setup

Coated with gold and featuring a geode interior that plays with reflected light in a truly magical way, the Caviar Golden Rock Sony PS5 is a work of art on the outside. With a starting price of nearly half a million dollars, the thing has been pre-ordered by nearly 1,500 people already. That’s what we call playin’ your game like it’s golden!

5. Hariana Tech Smart: All-In-One Bed

Have limited space in your home or just adore the latest gizmos? The Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed is sure to grab your attention. This bed contains a bed, chair, sofa, desk, and storage space. All in one! Furthermore, it comes with a charming massage chair that will aid you in relieving tension with its fine selection of modes. Bluetooth speakers, reading lamp, air cleaning system… The bed has it all, really. With this worth-the-splurge luxury gadget, staying in bed has never been so healthy and productive. 

To Wrap Up: What’s Your Favorite Gizmo?

Now that you’ve explored the luxury items that seem too good to be true, you can start visualizing your life with them and order something for starters. Use this service for tracking your parcels in one place https://pkge.net/ 

How about sharing your favorite item with us? If you ask us, it’s the Jupe luxury portable shelter, of course. But if we had a few million bucks, we’d buy it all, hands down. What about you? Share your thoughts on the topic in the comment box below. We appreciate your feedback greatly. And don’t forget to bookmark our website for more of our yummy updates.

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