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Biggest Data Breach (120+ Million Jio Users Leaked) Ever in India


Key Takeaways
  • Jio customer information for over 120+ million users has been leaked and is currently accessible online.
  • The leaked information includes full names, alternative numbers, Aadhar card numbers, emails, and more.
  • Jio states that user information is secured and promises strict action against the data leakers, while the website responsible for the breach remains elusive.

Jio customers information is leaked and accessible online currently, Jio maintained it’s 120+ million users.

Biggest Data Breach (120+ Million Jio Users Leaked) Ever in India Jio Database Leaked
Jio Biggest Data Breach

MagicApk‘, No WHOIS Info, No Public Domain information. Yes! This website is only responsible for biggest data leak ever happened in Indian history. It could be the biggest data breach ever in India, Over 120+ Million Users data got leaked with their full information. The information contains Full Name, Alternative Number, Aadhar Card Number, Email, Circle ID etc.

All details can be found publicly on a website magicapk.com simply by inputting any Jio number. Around magicapk.com Since it’s domestic cybersecurity dilemma jio takes it and hackers will probably be punished. Everybody after understanding this fact attempted to look at their information by inputting their Jio number and discovered their sensitive information such as first and last name, alternative no., Mail identification, sim activation time and date and Aadhar details too.We tried discovering the facts about the person who owns the domain name but appears to be concealed and marked confidential. We discovered that people who obtained the Jio sim card in ‘Preview Offer‘ are affected most.

PC: fonearena

“Jio says users information is very secured and we will take strict action against these information leakers.”

A little Information about MagicApk

  • The website is located enrolled on GoDaddy and two months old domain
  • The domain name information is confidential, it appears hackers might have place domain coverage so that nobody may see domain details.
  • It appears the site is hosted on a free hosting supplier

Well, This is a matter of concern.

According to the owner of the website, They will have come back very soon with more data leaks. When we put ‘MagicAPK on Google search this is what we found:

Magicapk back soon
MagicApk back soon PC: itechhacks.com

In a declaration, a Reliance Jio spokesperson stated prima facie the information seems to be unauthentic. “we would like to guarantee our users that their information is secure and preserved with the greatest safety. Data is shared with the government in accordance with their requirement. We’ve educated law enforcement agencies concerning the promises of the site and will follow to guarantee stringent action is required,” the spokesperson said in a written reaction.

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