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Family Locator to Find Your Family and Friends in Real-Time Wherever They Are


Key Takeaways
  • Fameelee app is available for Android and iOS users, allowing users to locate, chat, and ask for help from their connected family and friends in real-time.
  • Key features include creating/joining circles for staying connected, setting speed limit controls, location tracking with history, and easy-to-use chat functions.
  • Additional features such as GPS tracker, SMS tracker (Android only), and Find My Phone feature enhance the app's utility, while limitations include inability to function when switched off and inability to delete groups entirely.

Everyone has a Family and some Friends very close to their heart! Thus, you must be very possessive about your Family and your Friends in a good way. To know the well being or the location of them, all you can do is voice or video call them. But, there are chances that they might not be able to attend your call or might not be able to give you the exact location.

Family Locator to Find Your Family and Friends in Real-Time Wherever They Are
Family Locator to Find Your Family and Friends in Real-Time Wherever They Are

So to solve all these issues, all the smartphone users can make use of the ‘Fameelee‘ app to Stay Connected with their Family and Friends. This app is available for Android and iOS users. You can use it to locate, chat or ask for help from the people you are connected with, over Fameelee.

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Some of the most Useful Features of Fameelee are:

#1 Create/Join a Circle

A circle is a private group created by you, which consists of all the people you wish to stay connected with! You can be a part of several circles, such as one of your family and another of your friends. Also, there is no limitation to the number of people who can be added to your circle. However, this app works best when it has less than 10 people in one Circle.

#2 Speed Limit Control

The next most useful feature of Fameelee is the ‘Speed Limit Control.’ Using this feature, you can set a speed limit for the people in your circle. You will be notified everytime the speed limit is crossed so that you can take the required measures. Also, you can know the real-time speed of any person in your circle.

#3 Location Tracking

You can use this feature like Family Locator for anybody in your circle efficiently. A pin will be dropped at the location relayed by the person. This app maintains a 30-days location history of every person. Also, you can set specific places such as school, university, office, to get notified whenever a person from your circle reaches or leaves that place.

#4 Chat

You can contact your Family and Friends by leaving a message for them on Fameelee. These messages can be in Private or in Group.

#5 Easy to Use

One of the most useful thing about an app is for it to be easy to use. You can learn using the Fameelee app quickly. It has a user-friendly user-interface. Also, you can use it all day long without draining a lot of battery from your smartphone. It is specially designed to consume minimum battery life of your smartphone.

Apart from these exceptional features, some of the Additional Features of Fameelee are

1. GPS Tracker

The GPS Tracker is used to know the whereabouts of your Family and Friends. On using this feature, you get an efficient realtime location.

2. SMS Tracker

This feature of Fameelee is available only for Android devices. You can use this feature to communicate with your Family and Friends, automatically transmit alerts and notifications in case of an emergency.

3. Find My Phone

You can locate a particular device using this feature of Fameelee. This feature comes into practice when you forget your device somewhere in the gym or any other place.

Some of the Cons of the Fameelee app are

#1 Cannot Function when Switched Off

This problem cannot be solved! Thus, if your phone gets shut down or if it gets stolen and the thief shuts it down, you cannot use the Fameelee app to locate it.

#2 Cannot Delete a Group

Once a group is created on Fameelee, you cannot delete it completely. All you can do is leave/exit that group.


We tried and tested the Fameelee app on an Android as well as on an iOS device. We found it to be very useful to keep a check on the location and speed of your Family members or your friends. Fameelee is one of the best real-time location finding app. It also has some additional features which add even more meaning to this app.

This is all we have to say about Fameelee! Do share your views on Fameelee in the comments section below.

Aditya Kashyap
Aditya Kashyap
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