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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard | Best Data Recovery Software


Key Takeaways
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a software designed to recover lost data from various devices such as hard drives, USB drives, and memory cards, with over 72 million users worldwide.
  • The software can retrieve accidentally deleted files, data from formatted hard drives, virus-affected information, and data from devices with crashed operating systems.
  • The recovery process involves selecting the location of the lost data, choosing between quick and deep scans, previewing the results, and restoring the information with ease.

Since we have moved into a digital world, almost every type of information is stored in some of the other electronic/removable devices. Some might save it in a computer/laptop while some might save it on a cloud-based service. Due to this, there is a high probability of your information getting lost or erased due to some technical error. Your information might include your pictures, videos, documents, etc. However, you cannot access any of the data which gets lost due to some technical error or due to a virus.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard | Best Data Recovery Software
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard | Best Data Recovery Software

There are various applications to protect your device from any harm and to retain all the information. But, there is very few software available to recover the data lost due to any of the reasons! One such unique software which can be used to recover any kind of lost data due to any of the reasons is the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Using this software, you can recover data from your PC/laptop or any other removable device. It is loaded with numerous features, which makes it one of the best data recovery software which you can have on your device.

Some of the distinguishing features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard include:

1. The total numbers of users of this software exceed 72 million, from all around the world.

2. This is due to its compatibility with various devices such as hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, and any other removable device.

3. If you accidentally delete any particular file, you can recover it immediately or within a certain amount of time.

4. Even if you have formatted your hard drive, you can still recover ask the data stored in it before being formatted.

5. Another huge threat to your data is a virus. Once your data or your device is infected with a virus, your data will either be lost or will become inaccessible. But, using the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, you can also revive the virus affected information.

6. If the operating system of your pc/laptop crashes, it is evident that you will not be able to access any of the data stored in your device. However, you can use this software to recover deleted files from such devices too!

7. To scan your device for your lost data, you can either choose quick scan for the immediate result or the deep scan, which treasures a bit longer but, provides with better results since in this method, each and every position is checked.

8. Once the data has been found, you can always have a preview of the data before restoring it in your device.

9. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard supports almost every available format for each data type.

10. Three versions of this software are available for the people. First being the free version, followed by Pro and then, Pro + WinPE.

How to recover data using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your device?

The process consists of the Simmons status which need to be executed in a officials order and they are as follows:

Step 1- Since you must be having a rough idea of the location of the data before it disappeared, select that location to start searching.

Step 2- Now, you need to choose if you wish to conduct a quick scan or a deep scan. Your results will be based on which one you choose.

Step 3- Once all the results are displayed, use the preview feature to make sure what to restore and what to discard.

Once you have restored your information using the method listed above, you can access it without facing any more issue.


If you are a type of person who often deletes some useful information from your device, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is meant for you. It has tons of features which you can use to restore your data. Also, it is the best software which you can have on your device. We highly recommend this software to all our users.

If you have any queries regarding the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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