The modern world of advanced technologies and new developments has changed the way we perceive the world. Many things that seemed to be a routine have become digitalized. People tend to spend less time doing not necessary things. For example, instead of queueing at the hospital to make an appointment, they click several times in their smartphones, and – that is it – they know precisely the time and place where to come to get a consultation.BEST VAPING APPS THAT ARE WORTH YOUR ATTENTION

Digital devices, first of all, laptops, smartphones, tablets, have become a new multitool. Having your PC, you are able to communicate with old friends, socialize and make new friends; look for a job, apply for a job, do your best during an online interview and even work from home; search for a new house or other property, choose a car, order food – everything is approachable in one click.

You might be quite surprised, but such things as vaping are also connected to digital technologies. Starting from the possibility to buy the best box mod on the Internet and deliver it to any place in the world that you need (except for those, which has a special legal ban on electronic cigarettes and vapes; among them, there are India, Thailand, etc.). The process of getting some extra things or fillings for the device is also available online. Moreover, there exist some special applications that might be interesting for people who vape.

Today, we would look through more details about the peculiarities of apps for vapers and will create a specific rate among the apps.

VAFFLE. Available for both IOS and Androids. The app is rated as 12+.

A user-friendly interface, which somehow resembles another popular social networking app – Instagram, has firstly appeared in 2018. The app has become a new platform for vapers. They are able to share their experience (photos, video, and text). To broaden the opportunities of the app, you might connect to Facebook or YouTube. The topics for posts vary, you might boast with the best vape mod you have just bought, or post short reviews on different box mods that you use. But for communication and experience sharing, some sections might be applied for vape tools as well. Vape calculator or DIY instructions on e liquids [be careful and remember that it is better not to experiment with chemicals], or start your vaping diary to memorize the most unbelievable experiences. After new versions of the app have appeared, even more, tools for vapers are available.

VAPE BOSS. Available for both IOS and Androids. The app is rated as 14+.

The clear interface provides the number of users for itself. The app is more than the social networking website, though there is a possibility to share pictures and socialize with co-thinkers. The app, if we may say so, is an old hand, it was developed in 2014. The application is useful and convenient for vapers because it is quite easy for them to find the shops with e-cigs and vape mods, look for the places where some particular liquids are in stock. Before ordering some products, users have an opportunity to read critics and praises from other users and devices, which disadvantages they might cope with if there is any. Vape Boss might also be used as a market platform: you might buy, sell, exchange, or share some vaping related products.

THE VAPE TOOL. Available for Androids only. The app is rated as 16+.

In case you have some problems with building a coil, measuring ohms, or benchmarking battery’s life and you are not eager to download the whole Play Market, this app is the best choice. The name is rather outspoken. This app can do the same job as many other apps can cope with together. It is more challenging to work with it if you are under the proper age. However, the conditions are indicated from the very beginning. The other beneficial thing, according to this app is the fact that is has a section of juice mixing and recipe function, which, by the way, might be not suitable for those who have never dealt with chemicals.

QUIT NOW. Available for Androids only. The app is rated as 3+.

The app might be used for everyone as it does not develop negative habits – it works the other way – it is aimed at helping people to give up vaping or smoking. The interface is easy to work within; you can easily see your progress. The things that are indicated in order to motivate you are the amount of money that you have saved while not using vape mods and the time that you have to win back. You would also be surrounded by support from other members of the community, and the app tries to show you the rate of improvements that are going on in your body while you are not smoking.

To vape or not to vape, that is your personal question. However, that is always good to know what are the borders and to control the things that you can control Being aware of possible adverse effects is an extra important thing, therefore it is strongly recommended to read all the reviews and comments about vapes, juices, and liquids to foresee as many possible consequences as possible. A dozen of extra clicks would help to keep within the bounds. Stay on the safe side.