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Top Six Android Apps for Learning Music


Key Takeaways
  • Digital age has introduced numerous android apps for learning music from home
  • My Piano Assistant app teaches piano chords and scales, allowing users to compose tunes
  • Ultimate Guitar Tabs, Drum Kit, Music tutor sight read, xPiano, and StarMaker are top android apps for learning music, offering various features and tools for music enthusiasts.

Almost everyone has a hobby or two for recreation in his life. Some of these hobbies get converted into professions to earn a respectable livelihood. No matter whatever the status of an activity may be, it must be done properly and skilfully just like musicans is doing to give shape to your ideas.

Top Six Android Apps for Learning Music

Owing to the digital age, there have been introduced a number of android apps for beginners to learn different skills from their homes using their android devices. All this also applies to music lovers who want to learn it from their homes. For this very purpose, there are many android apps that you may download on your android device and learn to play the musical instruments of your choice.

Android Apps for Learning Music

We have also figured out the following six top android apps for you to learn music from your home.

1. My Piano Assistant

This marvelous app refers you through your android device to piano chords and scales by providing you the formula or notes of a chord or scale using a selected route. You will start listening to the selected chord or scale while seeing the position of notes on the piano keyboard as well.

Through the use of my piano assistant, you will be able to have easy access to any tutorial if you just tap on the star to enable you to see it later on as well. With the help of this app, you may sharpen your skills well enough to be able to compose some notes or tunes yourself.

Besides enabling you to use your android device the way you want to by supporting different screen sizes and both the portrait and landscape modes, this spectacular app is also available at the Google play store for you to download free of cost.

2. Ultimate Guitar Tabs

You can see guitar tablatures, bass tablatures, and ukulele tablatures and chords by using this remarkable android app for learning music. With the SD card support built in this app, you can save both this application and tabs for offline access.

If you want to view the popular tabs for your guitar and bass or drum, you may see the top 100 tabs for each tab type with this app on your device. Except for a few issues regarding capability with some devices, this app is really very handy.

3. Drum Kit

This is the best app that the non-lovers of guitar and piano can be proud of. This multi-touch Android app allows you to have one of the best experiences of finger drumming on your android device. You can play with your fingertips a drum set presented to you if you have a top-down view.

With this app on your android device, you will get the feel as if you are playing with a real drum set. This is mainly because the app is equipped with multiple features like movable drums and percussions, a drum editor, cool animation, and a composer.

You can also play finesse beats because you can create basic rhythms by using this wonderful app. You have the opportunity to unleash your inner drummer if you download this app from the Google play store free of cost.

4. Music tutor sight read

With the help of this great app, the students of music learn how to read and write music in the form of a quiz program designed for beginners. Some joyful games are also packed with this colorful app, keeping you always on your toes.

You never feel bored while learning the foundations of music by using this app. Unfortunately, this app does not cater to reviewing your mistakes and, therefore, you will have to be alert enough not to repeat your errors.

5. xPiano

In order to practice your skills with the help of this remarkable app, you will never have to be in front of a real piano. With xPiano on your android device, you have the facility to adjust your keyboard width with a 4-octave piano keyboard and 12 instruments.

With the help of this marvelous app, the motivated learners can easily learn the actual piano, but they will not be able to crank out any Mozart with xPiano. Both the beginners and the seasoned pianists can enjoy this app to their fullest free of cost by downloading it from the Google play store for their android device.

6. StarMaker

This bombastic android app has proved to be a complete game-changer for the passionate music lovers to become the next music star. It is there with the mammoth collection of both local and international songs.

Moreover, this app allows you to edit your recordings with some handy tools as well as add the x-factor to your songs to make them stand out. On top of everything else, you also have the blessing to duet your favorite singers and upload the recording on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

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