Wondershare Filmora9! What’s new?: Filmora needs no introduction Right? It is the only simple and effective tool which allows you to edit your videos. Each and every video enthusiast worked with Filmora for at least once. It’s great for YouTube videos editing and to do some color correction. If you are a guy who needs to edit your video within a limited time you don’t have any other options than Filmora.

Also, it is the cheapest video editor available in the market right now. Now, Wondershare released its new 2019 version of Filmora which is Filmora9 and we spend some quality time with this new Filmora9. Now we are here to share some of the new changes with this new Filmora9. In short verdict, the developers of Filmora are done a pretty good job with this Filmora9.

Wondershare Filmora9 - One of the best video editor of 2019
Wondershare Filmora9 – One of the best video editor of 2019

They have done a great job by keeping the key aspects of the video editor like simple UI as it is. Let us discuss them in bit detail in this article.

The new 9.0 version of the Filmora has some great features like support of multiple tracks, color accuracy, improved render speeds. Also, if you have an older Filmora software license you can update to the latest version without any additional cost of price. Now, look up some of the features in brief.


Filmora is not famous for its audio editing especially with syncing the correct audio with video position. All of us are using other software to edit our audio clips. But in this newer version of Filmora video editing software, we can edit each and every waveforms and keyframe of an audio clip. In our testing, this feature work flawlessly and it adds value to the newer Filmora9.


Nowadays every camera even Mobile camera has 4K capability and editing the 4K video in a laptop or not a high-end PC is not easy. Fortunately, Filmora developers understand our pain and improved their render engine to accelerate the process of exporting a 4K video. Even importing a large 4K footage times is reduced which is a great thing in our opinion. If you ask us how much they increased the rendering speed? In our test, it’s probably around 20 – 25 % than their older versions of Filmora. We cannot guarantee you this 20 percent hike in rendering speeds as it depends on many factors. Also, do configure your Filmora9 according to your machine.


The majority group of the people who are using Filmora has average spec PC / Laptop. In these systems, working with huge files is a great hassle and we all know that shutter and lag in our system while working with larger video clips. For this issue, In Filmora9 you can set a proxy workflow by visiting the Preferences -> Performance and you can click the
‘Automatically create proxies when media resolution is higher than’ and you can also select your desired resolution based on your machine’s configuration. In most case, you can use the default HD resolution. Also, don’t forget to check the ‘delete proxy files once the project is closed’ box as it helps to delete some unwanted proxy files from your project.


Filmora9 has the feature of one-touch themes from where you can get a lot of predefined themes for your videos. With this update, you can get some more cool collections of this theme. You do have their own royalty free sounds too for your awesome video projects.


Another amazing feature of Filmora9 that attracted us so much is that of color grading. We know it is a term that sounds very fancy but actually has a simple meaning. Color grading is the process of adjusting the colors of a picture or a video properly, and cinematically till it is according to your preference. The process itself is not simple, because many creators spend a lot of time in this process to get that perfect hue and gradient that you are looking for.

Some of the key highlights:

1. Intuitive & Simplified:
Intuitive User Interface/Creative Built-in Video Effects/Drag & Drop Editing/Social Import & Export

2. Powerful & High quality
Fully Integrated 4K Editing/Powerful Timeline Tracks/Advanced Color Grading/High-Quality Audio Editing/Action Camera Tool

3. Fast & Efficient:
Efficient Chroma Key/Lightening Speed/Lightweight ‘Proxy’ Clips.

Why Filmora9 over the older versions?

After using 7-10 days of License version of Wondershare Filmora9. We have rated this 4.9 star out of 5. One thing that we liked in this update is its fast import and export speed. However, talking about the 4K rendering then this single update covers all the doubts of editing 4K videos on Windows as well as Mac platform. Below are some of the highlighted videos that will tell you the power of this compact machine!


Filmora9 is again the great, simple, feature-rich video editor for most of the people. Definitely, Filmora version 9 includes major changes to the Filmora engine which helps the users to finish their work much more faster. If you don’t have a Filmora9 license this is the perfect time to buy one for all your video editing needs. Filmora9 cost you $39.99 as annual and $59.99 as your lifetime cost. It is preferred to go with the Lifetime license if you are a video aficionado. As I mentioned earlier, if you already have a License you can update this newer version for free of cost.

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