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WhatsApp Business for Android and iOS 2019?


In Short Hacks: Most of you must be using the WhatsApp Messenger on your smartphone to interact with your contacts using text and voice messages, images, videos, and documents. WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most widely used messaging platforms used in almost every smartphone. People also use its website version on their PCs to handle their WhatsApp account on their PC.

WhatsApp Business for Android and iOS 2018?
WhatsApp Business for Android and iOS 2019?

Majority of the users use it for private discussions. However, there are some people who use this platform to establish interaction between them and their clients. Such people can now make use of WhatsApp Business, which has been launched in many parts of the world!

WhatsApp Business is launched with the objective to establish better communication with your customers, and to help you develop your business.

WhatsApp Business is developed from WhatsApp Messenger, and thus, it contains all the features which are available in WhatsApp Messenger such as the ability to send multimedia, messaging, group chat, offline messages, etc. Apart from these features, WhatsApp Business has some extra features which are useful for Business owners and managers.

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Some of the Useful Features of WhatsApp Business are

#1 Create a Business Profile

You can create your business profile which will contain your information such as the website, location, or contact information. Using this business profile, your customer can look for the required information to get in contact with you.

#2 Allows Landline Numbers

Unlike the WhatsApp Messenger, where you are allowed to create an account using a mobile number, here you can create your account using your landline number. To verify your number, you need to select the ‘Call me‘ option to receive the verification code over a call.

#3 Improved WhatsApp Web

The WhatsApp web has been improved to enhance the efficiency of its performance while replying your customers.

#4 Compatibility

WhatsApp Business is currently launched only for Android devices. However, an update for iOS users is expected to be released soon.

#5 Can Co-Exist with WhatsApp Messenger

If you are using WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business, you can run both of them on your smartphone simultaneously.

#6 Availability

As WhatsApp Business is available only for Android devices at the moment, the Android users can download and install it on their device from the Google Play Store for free!

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The Drawback of WhatsApp Business is

#1 Unique Number

You cannot have a WhatsApp Messenger Account and WhatsApp Business Account with the same number. You must have a different number for WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business.

#2 Unsatisfied Users

From the reviews given by the people on the Google Play Store, one can understand that the users are not quite happy with this update. People have suggested various modifications which can be made to enhance the user-experience of WhatsApp Business.

This being the first update of WhatsApp Business, many new and useful updates can be expected from the developers of WhatsApp Business. Also, these updates might serve the needs of the users and increase the functionality of WhatsApp Business considerably.

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This is all you need to know about WhatsApp Business and what all features it has to provide you with! The features provided by WhatsApp Business might not be that appealing for now. But, after a few updates, WhatsApp Business could be the next big thing for Business owners and their managers. Thus, keep an eye on the updates and hope for the best!

If we have missed out on any such useful information about WhatsApp Business, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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