Did you ever heard about unlimited whatsapp on single android device? I think No? Right. Like all of you i too never think like that of using 100000+ WhatsApp Accounts on my android phone. But here iTech Hacks meet a indian Hacker Name Vikash Pandey Who develop this awesome app, with the help of this awesome app you can really Use Unlimited Whatsapp In One Android Phone with different phone number in one android phone. 

Run Unlimited WhatsApp In One Android Phone - 100000+ WhatsApp
Run Unlimited WhatsApp In One Android Phone – 100000+ WhatsApp

When i’s met him on fb, i think it was a scam or just a prank. but when i use it i was like *_* This is really working really. i prefer you all to use this for unlimited whatsapp accounts on one phone.dont follow those silly steps of OG WhatsApp etc. 

For this app i have no more information about its version or about any technical information but the information provided by developer i am going to share below –

How To Run Unlimited Whatsapp In One Android Phone –

Requirements :-

#1. Android Phone.

#2. Android Phone Must Be ROOTED.

#3. Install BUSYBOX. Make Sure you install this app. If this app is not installed then 10000+ Whatsapp not working.

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Run Unlimited WhatsApp accounts in one Android Phone –

This is not complicated process of installing this app. Its a pretty much easy to download and install and 100% Tested and working. Follow the given Steps below :-

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#1.First Download & Install Unlimited 10000++ WhatsApp 2016 From our official blog. 

Just SKIP Ad And then you can easily download this app

Unlimited WhatsApp 2016 1.3 MB

#2. Don’t Delete your Original WhatsApp Account. by using this app you can install official whatsapp app unlimited time. so relax there is no spam.

#3. After Installing, give Root Access Permission to this app. Because this app works only on rooted android phones. if you dont know how to root android then click here.

run unlimited whatsapp in one android phone
run unlimited whatsapp in one android phone

#4. Make Sure your android device must be rooted. follow the images below.

run unlimited whatsapp in one android phone
run unlimited whatsapp in one android phone

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#5. After installing you can use 10000+ Whatsapp in one android phone without any problem.by using this app you can use millions of whats app until or unless your android device start lagging or shut down.it depends upon you and your android phone.

i hope this app helps you alot for many purposes. still if you got any problem or bug inside this unlimited whatsapp then do comment below. iTech Hacks and Unlimited WhatsApp Team always sit here for your help.Don’t Forget to share this with your friends.This article is fresh on internet.



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