Having Trouble to setup Google Chromcast? Realx! Here we listed best Guide to Use Google Chromecast on TV Without Internet in 2019. Read this article till the end!

How To Use Google Chromecast on TV 2017 | Setup Chromecast TV
How To Use Google Chromecast on TV 2019 | Setup Chromecast TV

Google Chromecast is a cheap, most reliable dongle which allows its users to stream videos from their device to any monitor or TV with the help of a chromecast HDMI cable. If you want to connect your device to your TV without using the internet then, follow the steps given below to stream without an internet connection.

Why do you need to use Chromecast?

Suppose you subscribe to video streaming services like YouTube or Netflix etc., but you can only access those services on your PC, tablet or smartphone, all of which have small screens. If you would rather curl up on your living room couch and watch content on a big screen, Chromecast may be the gadget for you. So that You must give a try to Chromecast.

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How To Use Google Chromecast on TV 2019 | Setup Chromecast TV

To connect chromecast to your device, you need to setup your Google chromecast dongle using a wifi source. So here we show you How To Setup Google Chromecast on TV.

1. Plug in the chromecast into the TV and turn on a wifi device.

2. Check whether the security of WiFi is ‘WPA2 PSK‘ or not. If not then, change it to ‘WPA2 PSK‘ and connect your device to that WiFi.

3. Setup the chromecast using the chromecast app from your device. As soon as this process is completed, you can turn off the WiFi source.

4. Then go to your device’s settings>>tethering & portable hotspot>>WiFi hotspot>>setup WiFi hotspot.

5. Now, set the name of network ID and password same as your earlier WiFi source. Also, set the security to ‘WPA2 PSK’.

6. Save the settings and restart your WiFi hotspot from the ‘settings.’

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How To Use Google Chromecast on TV without Internet 2019

1. From Your Google Chrome click on the top Right Menu and Then Click on “Cast.”

2. After that, a dialog window will appear it shows You all your connected chromecast devices there. Select them and Enjoy.

After these steps are executed, you will notice that your chrome cast automatically gets connected to your device’s WiFi hotspot.

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Now it’s Your Turn To Setup Your Chromecast?

In this way you can connect your TV to your device using chromecast and stream videos without using internet. There are many Chromecast Apps for Google chrome. We’ll soon go to list them here. Stay Connected! And if you face any problem during setup of Chromecast on TV, then please do let us know, we will try to help you out. And Don’t Forget to share it.

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