How to Unlock Android Password/Pattern Without Losing Data – So here iTechhacks presents a new android hack to Unlock Android Password without losing any data from phone. pattern lock in android phones helps us to protect our phone from thefts or from our enemies. and by chance if you forget your android’s password or pattern then its very much difficult to break it. and if you going to market to unlock your Android Tablet/Phone password/pattern then shopkeeper takes almost 500-1000 INR. so here iTechhacks helps you to save your money, and helps you to unlock your android devices easily.

Unlock Android Password/Pattern Screen Lock Without Losing Data 2017

Unlock android devices without losing data - itechhacks
Unlock android devices without losing data – itechhacks

Inside Hacks – In short, this android hacking trick is well known for unlocking of android devices mostly used to unlock android tablets or android based OS Phone. iTechhacks give you a new experience to unlock your lost password.

How to Unlock Android Password/Pattern 2017.

So there i am going to teach you two working methods to unlock android’s pattern/password without losing data and without any internet lets start.

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#Method – 1

Unlock Password or Pattern Lock On Android Phones Using Aroma File Manager.

Aroma File manager -
Aroma File manager – iTechhacks

#Steps To Unlock Android Device PatternPasswords.

Method 1st:- Unlock Screen Lock On Android Without Losing Data.


1. Download Aroma File Manager.
2. A memory card ( 4GB,8GB) for android device.
3. Your android device either locked by pattern lock or password lock.

Step #1. After download Aroma File Manager from above link then place it in your memory card (SD card). Insert that memory card into your locked android device, i mean insert that SD card into that android phone which is pattern/password locked.

Step #2. Tap Open Stock Recovery Mode with reboot your android device and pressing Power Key and Volume up key simultaneously.If u don’t get it then see a sample pic below.

Step #3. As u do this then you are now entering into recovery mode.After entering into recovery mode use Volume+ and Volume- buttons to scroll up and down. For select use middle button.

Step #4. From there click on “Install Zip from SD Card” and give path to install “Aroma File Manager” from SD card.

Step #5. After installing, it will open in recovery mode.

Step #6. From the Aroma File Manager navigate to settings >> go to bottom and click on “Auto mount all devices on start” and then exit.

Step #7. Repeat Step 4 & 5 again.

Step #8. After this you will get “Aroma File Manager” opened again.

Step #9. Now navigate to Data Folder >> System Folder and find >> “gesture.key” or “password.key” for pattern lock or password lock respectively.

Step #10. Delete that any one file and then exit aroma file manager and reboot your android device. After rebooting you will notice that password or pattern lock not removed. But don’t worry draw any pattern and you will open your android device but remember or note that pattern.


#Method – 2

How To Unlock Android Password/Pattern Screen Lock Without Losing Data (Updated)

Bypass Android Password/Pattern Screen Lock without Losing any data from mobile Using SDK tools .

Download and install Android SDK Tools for run ADB commands.
Select platform according to you download and install it.
Step 1. – After installing open it, unchecked the other packages and check Android SDK Platform-tools and then click on install packages according to the image given below

Install SDK Tool -
Install SDK Tool – iTechhacks

#2. So the other requirement is USB Debugging should be enable before your android device locked.

#3. The process will not be helpful if you doesn’t have specific and compatible drivers for your phone. So you should be very careful While installing your device compatible drivers.
Steps To Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Formatting/Losing Data from phone –

#1. Connect your locked android phone with your system via USB.
#2. Open folder where you installed Android SDK Tools Users > App Data > Local > Android > Android-SDK > Platform-Tools and then click on blank space hold shift and click right mouse button and select open command window here.

Unlock Android Tablet/phone 2016 itechhacks
Unlock Android Tablet/phone 2016 itechhacks

#3.It will open you command window now you have to put some commands in the command window:-
For check your device is connected or not put command :-

adb devices

Now put these commands :-

adb shellcd /data/data/ settings.dbupdate system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;.quit
If above commands not working put:-

adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

Unlock Android phone CMD Window -
Unlock Android phone CMD Window – iTechhacks

#4 Once you done you have to reboot your android phone. Now its all done.

Note :- USB Debugging should be enable before locked and it is must. But If it is not enable then you cannot proceed further steps.

After rebooting your device you will see the pattern lock disabled. In this way, you will sucessfully unlocked Android Pattern, pin, password Screen lock without format/losing data 2016

So above is two different methods to unlock Android Tablets/Phones without losing data. this hack helps you to recover your android phone or tablet back.if you need any help or if you like itechhacks articles Please Comment Below.  😎  🙂 



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