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Salt Lake City Police, Airport Websites DDoS Attack


Latest hacking News Came yesterday, Salt Lake City Police, Airport Websites DDoSed Against Teenager Shooting The attackers from New World Hackers group (NWH) claimed that they conducted a series of powerful “distributed denial of service” (DDoS) attacks on the official website of Salt Lake City police, the airport, First Utah Bank and Downtown Alliance last night to register their protest against police shooting in which a teenager (Abdi Mohamed) who fell into a coma after being shot multiple times during a fight in downtown Salt Lake City. Read Full hacking news Salt Lake City Police Airport Websites DDoS Attack 

Salt Lake City Police, Airport Websites DDoS Attack
Salt Lake City Police, Airport Websites DDoS Attack – Souce Hack Read

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These attacks were conducted to protest the shooting of Abdi who is just 17 years old and a Somali refugee. We will keep on targeting the police until justice is served and the officer who shot Abdi is arrested.

Salt Lake City Police Airport Websites DDoS Attack :

The NWH is the same group who claimed responsibility for shutting down Xbox online service, BBC news servers, HSBC UK’s online banking and the official website for Donald Trump’s election campaign.

In an exclusive conversation with the NWH group, itechhacks was told that:

Salt Lake City Police Airport Websites DDoS Attack
Abdi Mohamed with his mother / Image Source: Sltrib

Abdi Mohamed was struck by three bullets in his upper and lower torso. He was said to be in critical condition on Sunday, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. The Washington post reports that witnesses told police Mohamed was involved in a fight with another man when the police were called. Mohamed had picked up a broken broomstick moments before the police arrived. It is unclear if the officers thought the teenager was going to attack them with the object and shot him multiple times.

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This is not the first time when hackers have targeted police website against shootings in the United States. In the past, Anonymous launched cyber attacks against the shooting and killing of an unarmed 17 yr old teen Mike Brown. The hacktivists also conducted attacks on Cincinnati Police Department against shooting last month.

At the time of publishing this article, the website of first Utah bank was offline while all other targeted sites were restored and available online.

Source: Hack Read

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