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Share App 2017: Share Android Files with Lightning Speed via Ultrasound
Share App 2017

There are many instances wherein you wish to share text or the links of articles or videos which you have found out to be interesting with your friends, colleagues, etc. There are many messaging apps available through which you can share those links. But, to do that you need to select the contacts to whom you wish to share the links with.

If you want to share those links with people who are near you in a room or so then, Radon is an app which can transfer those links to as many devices as it can and that too very quickly.

Radon Android Share App 2017 :- Share using Ultrasound?

Radon uses a combination of Bluetooth, WiFi, and ultrasound to accomplish its task. There is absolutely no need to be on the same WiFi network or pair your devices or tap them together, all you need to do is install Radon from play store, and when you launch it, you will receive the messages which were broadcasted, even those who were broadcasted an hour ago. The limitation of this app is that it can’t share files or photos but, there is no limit to the number of devices you can broadcast your message to. This app is not developed so far so as to rely on totally but, it can be used if necessary.

Download Radon – Share using Ultrasound

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