In Short Hacks: Think twice, How much time on an average you spend on your smartphones every day? Well, It might be 7-8 hours or numbers may increase. Almost every single task from waking up to sleeping we usually end by our smartphones. Its been quite long when we are posting something related to security hacks that will definitely help you to secure your smartphone from hackers.

How To Protect Your Smartphones from Hackers
How To Protect Your Smartphones from Hackers

Smartphones are one of the greatest boons to the humans. Due to the smartphones, the connectivity of the humans has increased drastically. However, there is always a second side to a coin. And thus, these smartphones have become a threat to one’s privacy. People store their personal information on their smartphones. But, smartphones are highly vulnerable.

Professional hackers can easily hack into any smartphone and access all the files stored in it! Thus, it is essential to protect your smartphone from such hackers. There are many things which you can do to make your smartphone safe from hackers. However, we will only be sharing some of the best tricks and methods which you can use to make your smartphone safe and protect yourself from hackers. So let’s get started with the list.

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How To Protect Your Smartphones from Hackers

#1 First, you need to prevent any type of intruders

Some hacking apps and software require the installation of some files in the target smartphone. Thus, if the hacker gets access to your smartphone, he/she can plant the hacking files on your smartphone. Thus, you must use the inbuilt security such as a passcode or a pattern, etc.

#2 Know what you are installing

As we mentioned above, some hacking software requires a number of files to be installed in the target smartphone. Thus, if the hacker cannot reach your smartphone, he/she will try to lure into installing these files yourself. Accordingly, you must check if the data you are installing are legit or not.

#3 Do not connect to open WiFi

Finding an open WiFi might seem to be a blessing but, it is not always the same. If you connect your smartphone to a public WiFi, you might be giving way to the hacker to get into your smartphone and steal all your data. You must be cautious while connecting to any open WiFi network.

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#4 Download and apply every new software update

The developers are working as hard as you are, to protect your smartphone from hackers. Thus, whenever a software update is rolled out for your device, you must install and apply it to your smartphone. Software updates come with an update on your device’s encryption which makes it difficult to hack your smartphone.

#5 Install an antivirus on your smartphone

There are plenty of options when it comes to installing an antivirus on your smartphone. Having an antivirus ensures protection from malware and trojans on your smartphone which eventually helps in keeping hackers at bay.

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#6 Use Android Device Manager

This website mostly comes to use when you lose your Android device. Using this website, you can locate your smartphone (provided it is connected to the internet), play sound on it, and erase all your data. Using the Android Device Manager is less related to hacking but, it does update your smartphone’s security system.

#7 Do not root your smartphone

On rooting your smartphone, you are already trespassing the limits set by the developers. And thus, you become vulnerable to various types of hacks. This is because on rooting, the system settings might get modified which eventually harm your device’s encryption, making it vulnerable to hackers.

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#8 Avoid auto-login

Remembering each and every password is not possible. Thus, people make use of auto-login apps which remember the passwords and enter them as soon as you open a saved page or app. This might feel a very convenient way but, if you are doing this, you are totally into the danger of getting your mobile hacked since the hacker will gain access to all the sensitive data without facing any obstruction.

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These were some of the tips and methods to protect your smartphone from hackers. Hackers can hack your device and blackmail you or even worse. Thus, you must take into consideration all the things mentioned above. If you have anything to share about protection from hackers, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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