In Short Hacks: Besides using mSpy keylogger software to monitor your teen’s smartphone usage, take other measures to enforce responsibility. Here are some of them.

Strategies to Enable Your Child Use Their Smartphone Responsibly

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Since our kids are living in a different technological dispensation from what we were born and raised up in, we have a duty to rise to the occasion and take charge of the situation. Besides using the mSpy keylogger software from to monitor what the child is doing with their smartphone, it is necessary to take measures to ensure that your child behaves responsibly with the phone.  Here are some of the measures you need to take to achieve this noble parental ideal.

Commit the Kid in Writing

Before you place that smartphone in the hands of your minor, it is needful to bring them to a binding and written commitment. You will need to sit down with your child and spell out the shared family values you want the child to adhere to in relation to the phone usage. It is also necessary to agree on consequences of violating the agreement. For instance, you can agree that if they break the agreement, you will take back the phone for two months or any other consequence. In the contract, you have to agree with the child on common issues such as:

  • Where the phone will spend at night
  • Why you need the child have the phone, for instance, you want to keep in touch with them when you are away
  • The time the phone is supposed to be switched on and off
  • The circumstances under which the phone will be “confiscated”
  • The things the child should not use the phone to do, for example, watching porn
  • The kid should not text or email someone anything they cannot confidently shout in public
  • Your right to know the password of the phone
  • Your right to access the phone anytime you require doing so
  • The need to put the phone on silent when in public

Talk about access

Depending on the age of the child, you have to determine the level of access the child needs to have. For instance, you may limit access to some sites such as social media when you know that your child is not mature enough to handle them. You can also set up access codes that restrict downloads so that the child does not download any app without your approval.

H2: Establish Boundaries

Since the main idea is to establish responsibility and not escapism given that your child is growing into independence, you should set up boundaries.  The reason is that kids are more vulnerable to the distracting power of technology than adult users. One report in 2015 showed that teenagers spend at least nine hours daily on entertainment media and while their tween counterparts spend six hours doing the same. For instance, you can set a boundary that requires the child to be switching off the smartphone one hour before retiring to bed so that they don’t interfere with their sleeping patterns. In addition, keep the phone away from the teenager’s bedroom at night so that they don’t get tempted to wake up at night and start tweeting.

When setting the boundaries and the rules that enforce them, you ought to have the following factors in mind:

  • Whom you allow your child to call
  • The type of applications the kid can download and use on the phone
  • Forbidden apps that should not appear on the phone
  • The number of talk time minutes the teen will have per month
  • The number of text messages the child is supposed to have in their monthly billing plan
  • Whether the child will be allowed to carry the phone to school if told their school permits it
  • Who will be paying the monthly phone bills

Be a Good example

Besides using mSpy keylogger software to monitor the child’s activities, you have to develop responsibility by being a good example to your child. For example, you can foster family time together to play and share meals. During these times, deliberately keep off your phone so that the child can see. This way, you will set a trend for the young ones to follow.

Establish Morals

Another way of developing and instilling responsibility in the young one is taking time to help them to use the smartphone in a morally upright manner. You should also specify to the child that they do not need to use social media platforms to make demeaning comments, spread rumors, or share indecent photos. For instance, it is good ask the child to consider the following factors when using the phone:

  • Whether he or she would approve what they are doing with the smartphone if you were there with them in person
  • If the child can say the things they text using the phone in the face of another person
  • If the photos or texts they send will hurt someone’s feelings or reputation
  • If the child would gladly receive the texts and images they send
  • Consider if someone can misinterpret their texts or twist them to hurt other people

Teach Kids About Privacy and Security

The last strategy to help your kids use smartphones responsibly is teaching them about maintaining privacy and safety. For instance, teach your child how to use privacy features that social network applications offer. It is prudent to ensure that the settings will safeguard the kid against intruders who may want to get illegal access to their profiles. It is also needful to talk with the child about the dangers of online bullies and the need to protect himself or herself from their onslaughts. It is also necessary to teach the child how to block all comments and contacts with a history of engaging in bullying activities.

Before entrusting your child with a smartphone, put in place measures of instilling responsibility. Besides tracking what your child is doing using mSpy keylogger software, engage other strategies such as setting a good example, teaching them about privacy and security, and establishing a moral fiber in the child. This way, you will succeed in raising a responsible smartphone user.