Do you want to add more security in your PC? Here iTechhacks brings a best hackers styles to unlock and lock your computer using pen-drive. I’ve always been fascinated by the movies where a Hacker inserted the USB stick into PC to log in, something like NSA mainframe style. This can also be a method to keep your confidential information, confidential when you’re away from keyboard.So lets go ahead and learn to lock or unlock computer with USB.

lock or unlock computer with USB
lock or unlock computer with USB

Predator is a best hacking software which turns your Pendrive into a password. Without your Pendrive, you can’t access your PC. If you unplug Pendrive from your PC your PC will be locked. This is one of the most advanced security for any computer user.

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Lock or Unlock Computer With USB Pendrive:

#1. Download Predator USB software to lock or unlock computer with USB.

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#2. Install and Launch this software in your window PC.

#3. When you launch this software first this software asks you to set the password.

lock or unlock computer with USB

#4. Set your password and click on Ok button. (Make sure your Pendrive is connected to your PC.)

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lock or unlock computer with USB

#5. Now this software is ready for locking your computer from Pendrive.

#6. Open Predator Settingslock or unlock computer with USB lock or unlock computer with USBHere you set time interval according to your needs.The default time interval is 30 seconds. If you remove Pendrive from your computer you computer will be locked in 30 seconds.

#1 When you remove Pendrive from your computer your computer asks you enter your password with the warning.


#2 If you do not enter the correct password, you computer screen goes black with access denied message

#3 Start Automatically Predator Software When you Start your PC

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If somehow this software not automatically started when you start your computer then add this software in your startup folder

1 Press Win+R, type shell:startup and press enter.

lock or unlock computer with USB

2.  Now add Predator Shortcut icon in Startup Folder. You can copy it from the desktop.

lock or unlock computer with USB

3. You can also see logs for all messages, warnings, fail login attempts and all other information.

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If you usually lose passwords (like i do sometimes), go in the software “Preferences” under Main Options and unchecked the “Always Required” under password field. In this way, the protection is still in place but without asking for password when the USB flash is inserted. The USB itself will work as a password to log you in. Now you have a movie style authentication for your computer.

So above is all about How To Lock or Unlock Computer With USB Pendrive (Hacking). with the help of this simple using software you can easily hack or unlock computer. if you like this article please comment below and don’t forget to share this post.


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