Smartphones have become like another child in our family nowadays. We always tend to look at our smartphone to now anything and everything. About eight in ten people possess a smartphone today. We consider this device as a storage wallet to store all the information. So, once the data gets lost from our phone, everything is lost and is not recoverable. Hence it is the core responsibility of the user to secure the smartphone. You can also read someone’s text messages without installing the software.

How to Keep your Smartphone Secured in 2019?How to Keep your Smartphone Secured in 2019?
How to Keep your Smartphone Secured in 2019?

Two-factor authentication

Let’s seek the help of the giant search engine, Google. Whenever you buy a new phone, Google asks you to open an account since all your synced data gets stored in Google cloud. Go to Google setting and enable the 2FA now. This authentication helps even for a small text your send through your phone. Also, run a check security check on your account to ensure that everything is in place and secure.

How to enable two- factor authentication

  • Go to Google settings
  • Click on 2FA
  • Enable 2FA.

Use a secure screen lock.

The primary step from protecting someone to sneak peek your phone is to set up a secure screen lock. You can use a pattern, pin or password. Pattern lock is drawing any design joining the dots on your screen. Make sure you clean the screen of your phone because the traces of your pattern remain and it would be easy to crack. Setting a password would be a better option. But be intelligent to set up something that is complicated to decode.

How to set a lock screen?

  • Go to settings
  • Enter into the lock screen.
  • Set your pattern, passcode or pin.

Find your lost phone.

The heart sinks when you find that your phone is not in your pocket and is lost. That is a gut-wrenching feeling. But there is a way to track your phone from anywhere. If you are not able to catch the culprit, then at least you can reset your phone. So, enable the ‘Find my phone’ feature on your phone.

What should you do if your phone gets lost?

  • Visit the nearby browser.
  • Type ‘Find my phone’.
  • Google locates your phone.

If you can’t find a PC, then grab your friend’s mobile and install find my phone app. You will have an option to call, lock or erase your phone data. You can even pop up a message to call the owner of the phone. If it is an honest person, then there is a high probability that you’ll get your phone back. If not send a threat message to the culprit and freak them out.

Use only trusted apps.

If your Android phone has a version previous to Oreo, then it’s time to disable the sideloading feature. This feature allows other sites to download apps which are not trusted. Google has a separate department to check the wellness of apps before it is unleashed for its users. It ensures that the apps are safe and secure to use. Some apps, when downloaded, tend to steal your private information such as bank account details, from your phone. Hence to be on the safer side, disable the “Unknown resources” feature on your phone.

How to do that?

  • Go to settings
  • Jump into security.
  • Disable unknown resources.

Set up a sim card lock.

You have set a screen lock, Google lock, app lock, and all other security locks. Now, what if someone removes your sim from your device and insert it into theirs? What if someone sends the wrong messages from your phone? To avoid all these mishappenings, you have to set a lock for your sim card. So, if anyone tries to do lousy boy things from your sim, they will have to enter a passcode before they attempt to connect to any network.

Use a secured Wifi.

Getting free wifi is like getting a free sweet. But be careful! That sweet might be poisoned. Yes, once your phone gets connected to any untrusted Wifi network, then there are all chances to send anything to your phone trough that network. Switch off the wireless connection when not in use. Whenever you have a huge heart to give hotspot to your friend, secure it with a passcode to prevent others from using it.

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