In Short Hacks: Sometimes, my data plans were immediately consumed up in minutes. I started wondering what could be producing this? The data just kept disappearing. Eventually, I discovered these best ways to save internet data in Windows 10. Hope you will like these ways to save your internet data usage.

How To Save Internet Data In Windows 10
How To Save Internet Data In Windows 10

Most of the People in the world are now Using 3G and 4G networks for Internet connection. Because They can’t afford plans and prices of Broadband Plans. And Most of the Networks are comes with a limited amount of Bandwidth that We cannot satisfy in them. As we know Windows 10 is upgraded version of Windows 8.1. After I Install Windows 10 OS on my system I Notice that “Windows 10 Applications and their features consume more Internet Data as well as Bandwidth on the system”. If you are also Facing the same problem of Internet Data consumption then you have landed on the right place here. Because In this article I have given Best Methods that will help you in saving Internet Data on Windows 10.

How To Save Internet Data In Windows 10

These four methods listed below will definitely help you to save your internet data in Windows 10

Method #1: Set Metered Connection

In this method, you have to set your connection as Metered. By applying this, Windows will never Update automatically. And this will cause more savings for Internet Data. Now, Follow the steps below to set Metered connection.

Step 1 :

First, you have to go Settings Menu. And In settings, you have to select Network & Internet Tab.

Step 2 :

Now you have to go WiFi settings. Now In WiFi settings, you have to choose your Connection. (In this case, I select a WiFi connection as Mayur)

Step 3 :

Now Click on the Advanced Options menu. Then, Turn on Set as Metered connection.

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Method #2: Turning OFF Background Apps

Windows 10 contains So much Installed Apps that are running at Background which cause more consumption of Internet Data. So, In this method, you have to simply Turn OFF those Background Apps.

Step 1 :

First, you have to go Settings Menu. In Settings, you have select Privacy Menu.

Step 2 :

In Privacy Menu you have to Select Background Apps that will be at Bottom of screen.

Step 3 :

In Background Apps menu you have to Turn OFF those Unnecessarily Apps that consumes your Internet Data.

Method #3: Disable One Drive 

One Drive is New special feature of Windows 10 which helps you to store your Important or personal files online securely. If you don’t require any One drive service then you should Disable service. Because It will consume your Internet data. Now, To disable One Drive service follow the steps below:


  • Press CTR+SHIFT+ESCAPE to open Task Manager.
  • Now in Task Manager, You have to tab on Startup Option.
  • In Startup Tab, You have to select One Drive.
  • Now you have to Right click on One Drive and Disable it.

Method #4: Disable PC Syncing

PC Syncing is also another feature in Windows 10.  If you have no need to sync Things on the system then you should disable PC Sync Service for saving your Internet data. After, If you like to need Sync then you can Easily Turn it on. Follow below steps to Disable PC sync service on your Windows.

  • First, Go to Settings and Then select Account menu.
  • In Account menu, you have to select Sync your system menu.
  • Now, In this menu, you have to Turn OFF Sync Settings.

Method 5: Turning OFF Notifications

Windows 10 also included new feature as Notification which is Available at Right bottom of the Screen. Notification service shows you Updates or Notices of Background Apps. If you have no need to see any Notification then You should Turn OFF Service to save consumption of Internet. Follow my Instructions below to Turn OFF Notifications.

  • You have just go at Right bottom corner and Right click on Action Center.
  • After, You have to click on Disable.

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Wrap Up: All Above given Methods are Working successfully and definitely They will help you to save a lot more Internet Data on Windows 10. If you Like our article after reading this. Then don’t forget to share this Article with your friends.