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How To Make a PC or PSP Games (A-Z Steps | Process)


Playing new latest games has always a fun of things but only a few of the gamers ever thought to create a PC or PSP Game. Playing Games, Testing Games and Developing Games, all the different stages for a developer. If you are one of them who seriously wanted to create an amazing game for PC or for Android etc then you must need to follow this guide before getting into this field.

How To Make a PC or PSP Games (A-Z Steps | Process)
How To Make a PC or PSP Games

Each one of us loves playing video games on our PC/laptop. Unlocking new levels and completing various tasks is an excellent entertainment for us. Also, there are a lot of gamers who keep looking for new games from time to time since they finish every game as soon as they lay their hands on it. While playing any game, we often tend to point out some glitches or suggest some improvements or modifications which could have made the game a lot more interesting.

However, we do not understand the efforts of the developer behind the game you are playing. Hence, it is essential for us to know the laborious steps which the developers have to go through to come up with a game before you point out the glitches or provide any suggestion in it. Also, there might be people who might be interested in knowing the steps behind developing a game. You can also hack android games without rooting.Here, we have explained each step in detail so let’s get started with the first step.

How To Make a PC or PSP Game?

To create a high-end original game then you need to follow all these steps mentioned below. Have a good luck for your success!

Step #1: Form a unique concept or an exclusive idea for the Game

The most important and the basic step is to have a unique concept or idea for the game. This is because neither can you copy the idea of any other game nor can you create a good audience for you by simply copying someone else’s game. The uniqueness and excitingness of your idea determine the probability of your game becoming a big hit. The more unique your idea is, the more hit your game will be.

Step #2: Select an appropriate software to develop your Game on

The built quality of your game depends on the software on which you develop your game. There are many software available at your disposal but, choosing the one which meets all your demands is the key to developing a game which you desire. Some of the options are ‘RPG Maker VX Ace,’ ‘IG Maker,’ ‘Construct 2‘ and ‘GG Maker’ for Windows users while’ GameMaker’ is available for both Windows as well as Mac users. ‘Stencyl’ and ‘Unreal Engine 4‘ are software which can be used by Windows, Mac, and Linux OS users. You can use either of this software to create your own PC game.

Step #3: Make the characters and environments of your Game

This where the actual work begins. Each game revolves around the characters of the game. And these characters have to be placed in an environment to make the game more interactive. These characters are totally based on the idea of the developer. Most of the developers prefer a 2D graphics due to some simplicity but, even 3D graphics can be used. ‘GraphicsGale‘ is a program which can be used to create 2D graphics. The developers who wish to create a 3D game can use ‘Maya‘ or ‘Blender‘ which are 3D modeling software.

Step #4: Add some levels and sound to your game

Your game has no meaning if it doesn’t have any level to complete or any challenge to take up. Hence, you must have some levels in your game to keep the players engaged. The other component to attract players is to have a great sound effect on your game. Add sound effects for attacking, jumping, running, walking and anything else that demands it.

Step #5: Testing the game which you have developed

You must test your game several times to make sure you roll it out with least glitches possible. You can test your game by providing it to your game-testers and providing them with the necessary information about the game such as the controls, etc. You will know all the glitches by the review of the game-testers or the insights which you have on your game. You can then do away with all the glitches which had come up during the playtest.

Step #6: Publishing the game

This once again is a very important step since the better you present your game, the better will it do in the market. Once you publish your game, be ready to answer all the questions asked by your players.

Wrap Up: These were the only 6 steps through which each beginner or developer has to pass in order to Create an amazing PC or any type of game for the people and the market. If you have any queries related to the above steps then please let us know in the comments section below. and Waitttt… Don’t forget to share our efforts with your dear ones 🙂

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