You can use your gmail account in someone PC or laptop and think if you forget to logout? So here i’ll show you How To Logout Gmail Accounts Automatically . we can settle our Gmail account from being hacked quite easily. Very frequently when we are in office, Collage, or in Frien

How To Logout Gmail Accounts Automatically
How To Logout Gmail Accounts Automatically

s home, we honestly logged in and we neglect to log out the account from another computer in a hurry, this can lead to hacking or misuse.

Gmail Mobile is available in more than 40 languages. It is a free service, developed to provide access to Gmail from mobile devices. Gmail Mobile offers many of the features as Gmail delivered effectively to smaller, mobile screens.
On September 22, 2009 Google added push support to Gmail using Google Sync for iPhone and iPod Touch platforms.

How To Logout Gmail Accounts Automatically

Method #1Verifying Your Account Using 2 Step Verification

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It is the most widely used characteristic that is provided by Google itself, The name of this feature is 2 step Verification, in these you have to verify mobile number to your account and the verified number will start getting code each time you want to login to your Gmail account it will ask you for verification code, the code that you get in your verified number should be established here in order to access Gmail. It is the good and secure method. You can set up your phone number from here.

How To Logout Gmail Accounts Automatically

Method #2: Sign Out From All Other Web Sessions

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Steps – You have a nice feature in your Gmail account, It might be a tricky step. You simply need to log in to your Gmail account and you will see a ‘Last Account Activity: x minutes Ago‘ And there you have to click on detail.

How To Logout Gmail Accounts Automatically

After you had clicked on detail link, You have to click on “Sign out all other sessions” If you have a doubt someone is using your account you can do this step it will sign out all the other sessions of your Accounts.

How To Logout Gmail Accounts Automatically

Method #3: Using RUN Command To Sign Out From Your Gmail Account Automatically

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This one will remove your browsing history as soon as you close the browser, this makes sure that no one see or uses your history if you are sharing the same computer, you have to Search inetcpl.cpl in run menu there you will get Internet properties menu there you have to select ‘Delete browsing history on Exit‘ And Then OK.

How To Logout Gmail Accounts Automatically

 So above is all about How To Logout Gmail Accounts Automatically in 2016. Secure yourself from hacking attacks. and be smart, be safe.First learn to secure after that how to hack.If you have some other tricks please feel free your thoughts to share with us in a comment.Don’t Forget To Share This Post.

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