In Short Hacks: On The given iPhone tutorial, we will be discussing on iOS/Apple Jailbreak using 2 ways. So Read this article till the end.

How To Jailbreak iOS Smartphones 2017
How To Jailbreak iOS Smartphones

IOS devices are one of the most favorite devices of the people. The majority of the people get the iOS devices due to its unique features which come from the iOS operating system. However, each one of us has some suggestions and idea in our minds which we think would have made iOS devices much more user-friendly. But, you cannot tweak the settings of iOS devices like in Android devices one can use custom settings by rooting it.

Since necessity is the mother of invention, people have actually found out a way to tweak the factory settings of iOS devices and make changes in them as per their wish. This method is known as ‘Jailbreaking‘ the iOS device. The name ‘jailbreaking‘ is just another name to rooting. Before you learn about jailbreaking device, you must know about the positive as well as negative effects Hence, let’s learn how to jailbreak an iOS device without running into any kind of trouble.

How To Jailbreak iOS (iPhone/iPad) 2018

In this tutorial we have published top two ways to Jailbreak your iPhone/iOS Devices in no time. SO have a look over these two methods.

#1 Jailbreak iOS Using Pangu Tool

Pangu is basically a jailbreak team from China. It is a popular tool used by a lot of people to jailbreak their iOS devices. One can use this tool on Windows to jailbreak their iOS devices. So let’s understand the steps required to execute this method.

You can also download Pangu for iOS 7.1-10.3 from the link and there we also mentioned all about Pangu and how it actually works.

Pangu is an iOS Jailbreaking tool. Pangu refers to the jailbreak software developed and released by PanguTeam. The group created Pangu to jailbreak iOS 7.1.x using their own exploits and instruction from long-time jailbreak developer @i0n1c (Stefan Esser). The name Pangu (or Pan Gu) comes from Chinese mythology.

Step 1- Before you go ahead with this method, you need to back up your iOS device to recover your important files later. To back up your iOS device, navigate to Settings >> iCloud >> Backup and select ‘Back Up Now.

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Step 2- Then, you need to disable any kind of passcode on your device if you’ve set one up. To do this, go to Settings >> Touch ID & Passcode and disable the passcode if you have set it.

How To Jailbreak iOS Smartphones
How To Jailbreak iOS Smartphones

Step 3- Now, you must enable Airplane Mode. And to switch to Airplane Mode, swipe up on your screen to open Control Center and tap the airplane icon. You will also find this option in the Settings directly.

Step 4- This is where the actual process begins. Now, you need to download Pangu tool on the device which you are using to jailbreak your iOS Apple device. You will also have to download iTunes on this device to carry on with this method.

Step 5- Once the required tools which are Pangu and iTunes are downloaded on your device, launch Pangu. You will also have to download and keep the Pangu app on your iOS device ready to use.

Step 6- Simultaneously, you also need to plug in your iOS device to the device you are using to jailbreak it.

Step 7- Now, wait till your iOS device gets recognized by Pangu. Once your device is recognized, click on the ‘Start‘ option which appears on your screen.

Jailbreak iOS
Start “Pangu”

Step 8- Then, a dialog box will appear on your screen, click on ‘Already Backup‘ to continue with this process.

Step 9- In the following time, your phone will reboot, and Pangu will ask you to put your phone back into Airplane mode. You need to follow step 3 of this guide to do so. Since you have done this already, it won’t be much difficult now.

Step 10- After a while, Pangu will request you to launch the Pangu app on your iOS device. To do this, tap on the icon of this app, and when prompted, give it access to your photos.

Step 11- Your iOS device will reboot once again. And by now, your iOS device would have been successfully jailbroken. You can now continue the further process of finding the software packages on jailbroken iOS devices.

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#2 How to Download and Install Cydia

How to Download and Install Cydia
How to Download and Install Cydia

Cydia is a package manager mobile app for iOS which provides a graphical user interface (GUI) to jailbroken users using Advanced Packaging Tool (APT). The steps to download Cydia on your iOS devices are as follows.

Step 1- From the home screen of your iOS device, launch Safari since this method works on no other web browser.

Step 2- Go to your address bar and type in ‘‘ and hit search.

Step 3- When the relevant page opens, go to the top right or the bottom center [ depending on the device used ] and tap the UP arrow.

Step 4- Then, you will notice a few more options on the bottom of your screen, choose the ‘Add to Home Screen‘ option.

Step 5- Name the new app icon as ‘Cydia‘ and tap the ‘Add‘ button.

Step 6- Now, exit from Safari and you will find the new Cydia app icon on your home page. You can click on it to launch and use it once your iOS device gets successfully jailbroken.

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Wrap Up: This is how you can successfully jailbreak your iOS device with the least possibility of landing in any kind of trouble. If you have any difficulty in understanding or executing any of the steps mentioned above then please let us know in the comments section below.