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How To Increase RAM in PC 20GB+ Easily


How To Increase RAM in PC 20GB+ Easily

Create Virtual RAM in PC 20GB+ With Video Tutorial – RAM plays a vital role to run your computer faster and reliable. RAM Helps you alot to properly do your work in faster and relaxable manner. but imagine if you have a PC which have RAM of 512MB and Hard Disk Drives of 100GB. and whenever you tried to run any heavy file, Games, Videos, etc, you got frustrated because guyz this is, and in 2020 everyone wants their PC speed as faster as their needs.So iTechHacks brings a new and best easy way to boost up PC RAM’s. here we need only and only free space in your harddrive.so here you get a full guide on How To Increase RAM in pc without buying and without additional hardware.after you use this computer hack.You might be happy so lets start how to increase ram in pc using hard disk space.

increase RAM in PC esily 2016
how to increase RAM in PC – iTechhacks

inside Hack – By using this computer hack you are able to create 20GB+ RAM. but do this hack carefully.Here at the last of this article you found a video tutorial to increase 20GB+ RAM in pc.

How To Increase RAM in PC up to 20GB+

Here As You All Know Beside hacks and cracks iTechhacks also give some additional educational knowledge related to Tricks and tips. so I hope you like this.

 Know More About RAM?

Random-access memory is a form of computer data storage. A RAM device allows data items to be accessed (read or written) in almost the same amount of time irrespective of the physical location of data inside the memory. The first practical form of random-access memory(RAM) was the Williams tube starting in 1947. It stored data as electrically charged spots on the face of a cathode ray tube.

Create 20GB+ RAM in Windows PC

#1. Turn on your PC, go to My Computer > Right Click on My Computer > Click On Properties. as Shown in Below Pic.

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increase ram in pc - iTechhacks.com
increase ram in pc – iTechhacks.com

 #2.A new window is opened now here you see all about your PC, about your windows version, serial key,and many more.Now in the left side options click on > Advance System Settings.

increase RAM in PC 20GB+ easily
increase RAM in pc – iTechhacks

#3. Now again a Popup dialog windows open now go ahead and click on Advanced Tab and then Click on Setting which appears on Virtual Performance Section.

increase RAM in PC 20GB+ easily
how to make 20GB+ RAM in PC

#4. Now see in below pic. to proceed in creating of 10-20GB+ Ram Easily.Click On Advanced Tab.

increase RAM in pc - iTechhacks
increase RAM in pc – iTechhacks

#5. Now see below in Virtual Memory section and tap on Change button.

increase RAM in pc - iTechhacks
increase RAM in pc – iTechhacks

#6.Now make sure that your automatically mange page file size is unticked. if not, then untick the option and enable all options below now click on custom size and add any size that you want.first make sure that from which harddrive you should make RAM. choose only that HDD where you have sufficient Space.Below is method to calcluate about how much MB’s add to make How Much GB’s.

How To Increase RAM in PC
How To Increase RAM in PC

Simply Keep in mind that 1024 MB = 1GB, so now if you need 10GB RAM then see 10*1024Mb = 10GB. now if you need 20Gb and replace 10 with 20 and enter the value in both boxes. and click on SET.

#7. Now Click on Ok.and restart you pc and now you can see your pc speed and loading speed.its amazing !

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How To Increase RAM in PC without buy and create 10-20GB+ Ram easilyVideo Tutorials by iTechhacks

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Now you all guys satisfy with your RAM? i too use this method to increase RAM in my laptop.its amazing. so create 10-20GB+ RAM in PC easily in 2020.Stay Connected with us! And feel free to Comment Below.

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    • Bro. its not showing in properties that your RAM is increased but this is a hack to Inc. RAM virtually.
      no doubt it makes your computer faster..
      try bro. not showing to increase doesn’t matter at all.

  1. Then, After applying trick also while opening window, same amount of RAM is used.. so I don’t think it is working..

  2. This is a Swap File not RAM.
    When you need to open more program OS save all data from real RAM in this file.
    That come at a price: RAM is many times fast as hard drive thus you not have a increase in preformance, only can comute from one program to another.

  3. I am afraid that increasing page file may slow your system instead making it faster. This is due to the fact that hard disk is slow and if you have many memory hungry programs opened, this trick will force many writings to the HD resulting in slow performance getting in or out of the programs.


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