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How To Download Using Torrent – Movies & Any Files


If you are suffering from slow internet connection and not able to download any Direct link using your web browser or your internet downloading speed is too low, then surely you are not happy and you are irritated from it and you are trying to find some alternatives.Lets See How To Download Using Torrent

How To Download Using Torrent - Movies & Any Files
How To Download Using Torrent – Movies & Any Files

This trick will surely help you out there as it helps me a lot too due to slow internet connection, not worry anymore for large download, you can also download large size files easily using torrent

if you want to download any important thing and your downloading speed is not good for download that stuff then you are going outside or at any friend’s house for download your important stuffs, I know it really sucks. 

How To Download Using Torrent – Movies & Any Files

In this tutorial i’ll show you best trick How to use www.burnbit.com to download any direct link using Torrent.

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1) First of all just Start downloading on your web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox).

2) After starting download go to downloading page in a web browser (For Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox simply press Ctrl + J)

3) Simply Right click on downloading File and Copy link address.


4) After you copied link just go to Burnbit.

5) Now simply Paste your copied link in the box

torrent 1

6) Click on Burn button.

7) Your file will process by Butnbit.com, just wait for a few seconds

8) After processing it will show you about your file (File size, URL, Seeds, etc.)

torrent 2

9) Simple click On Download Torrent File

10) Just open that Torrent file, your downloading will start in torrents.

That’s all, enjoy your downloading on Torrent, If the server is up without any hiccups and it’s a direct link then the file will be turned into a torrent which will get downloaded at maximum speed !!!

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So above is all about How To Download Using Torrent – Movies & Any Files.If you will find any error on the site or with downloading link then let me know by commenting below.Don’t forget to share this post.

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