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Happy Birthday iTech Hacks | 2-Years of Awesome Journey!


We are glad to let you know about the second birth anniversary of iTech Digital Media Globe. It is the second phenomenal year of this company. Till date, numerous updates have been uploaded for a number of topics such as Android Apps and Guides, Windows Support, Hacking, Best Lists, etc.Happy Birthday iTech Hacks | 2-Years of Awesome Journey! itechhacks.com

Well, Today is 3rd February of 2018 and This is one of the special dates for me right after my Birthday. On this day, A big tech giant was born with some of its little dreams and a bit of investment. This is a thing from where a journey of 20-Year old middle-class born guy started his Entrepreneurship Journey! Yeah! it’s iTech Digital Media & DigitalwebDia.

iTech Hacks Media completed 2 Years! 730 Days, 17,568 hours, 1054080 Minutes, 63244800 Seconds 😛 A slap to those who said, Why are you wasting your last long time in front of Laptop? You won’t survive for long. And, It is Second years and proudly running with a dedicated team of Hustlers.

Of course, Success is not Permanent, We Failed a lot, Yet, learned a lot. There were many failures at this time. We lost our Data, Servers even some of our biggest blogs. But, I believe in “Whatever Happens, Happens for the best”.

Life is all about experimenting, We do Many but How many are successfully performed? Only a few of them. Right like all this, I did many experiments in these 2 years however, many of them hit and almost 70% are FAILED. Yes like all humans, I also disappoint but I never QUIT. I believe in Smart Work, Commitment, and Ideas. and the most deadly combination ever be Dreams plus Dedication. So Before ending up my personal thoughts over this, I want you guys to GET UP and START Working on your DREAMS.

Anyways, that’s it, guys.

Because EVERY DREAM DO COME TRUE. All you have to keep one thing in Mind is always Start with 0 (Zero).Trust me, the taste to reach 100 will just be Amazing and Yummy Too 😛

Happy Birthday iTech Hacks | 2-Years of Awesome Journey! itechhacks.com
Happy 2nd Birthday

Team Says: 

We have also managed to maintain a good audience viewing our content round the clock. If we look at the stats of our beloved website, it has over lakh views per month and over 20 thousand email subscriptions. Our website also features in the list of Top 100 Tech Blogs in the world! This is a huge success achieved by itechhacks in a couple of years.

This success is possible only because of the hard work by the team of itechhacks which is lead by the founder of itechhacks Mr. Mukesh Bhardwaj who is also the Editor-in-Chief of itechhacks. and Aditya Kashyap who is also the Head-Content Writer for itech media.

We have tried our level best in delivering the best articles to our viewers. But, we would love to know more from your side. So don’t forget to let us know what you think about itechhacks and how your journey has been for these couple of years. Also, do let us know about any improvements which we can make on our part to enhance your experience with us!

Do wish for a great journey ahead and we will never disappoint you!

Happy 2018 Journey Great ahead 🙂

Mukesh Bhardwaj
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