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5 Hacks To Reduce Data Usage On Android Phones


Quick Overview
  • Turn off Google Play Store updates by accessing settings and selecting "Do not Auto-Update" or "Auto-update over WiFi only".
  • Limit background data usage by adjusting settings in "Data Usage", allowing users to control which apps use data.
  • Restrict background data for all apps in the device settings to reduce data consumption, sacrificing immediate notifications for significant data savings.

How To Reduce Data Usage On Android Phones

Reduce Data Usage On Android Phones
How To Reduce Data Usage On Android Phones 2016

#1. Turn Off Google Play Store Updates.

Google play store offers to automatically update your apps without any permission. Many apps get updated frequently and are really big downloads. It is recommended to turn of auto updates.do not auto update appsReduce Data Usage On Android Phones

Steps To Turn Off Auto Updates In Play Store are :

#1. Go to Play store.
#2. Open settings from the side menu. Step 3. Tap on Auto-Update apps.
#3. Select “Do not Auto-Update” or “Auto-update over WiFi only”.

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#2. Limit Background Data Usage.

To get a complete detail of mobile data usage on Android, you can head to “Settings > Data Usage”. Here you can see the apps that consume most data, both foreground and background. If you don’t use an app much and it still uses alot of background data, or you don’t want a specific app to use mobile data, you can change it here. For example, if your Email app is syncing in the background, while you don’t need it to, you can turn it off to reduce data usage on Android.

Reduce Data Usage On Android Phones

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#3. Restrict Background Data.

The most effective way to reduce data usage on Android is to restrict background data for all apps. This means apps update and sync only when opened. Apps use data only when required. It should be noted that you may not receive notifications on time, but it saves a huge amount of data.

Reduce Data Usage On Android Phones

Background Data Can Be Restricted Using The Following Steps :

#1. Go to Settings.
#2. Tap on data usage.
#3. Open the 3 dot menu on top right and tap on “restrict background data”.

#4. Use Compression While Browsing.

A large portion of Android mobile data usage is Web browsing. Most people use browsers like chrome to visit a lot of heavy websites. But what users don’t know that many browsers have inbuilt data savings mode, which compresses webpages to reduce data usage on Android.

Reduce Data Usage On Android Phones

You Can Enable Data Saver In Chrome By :

#1. Open Chrome.
#2. From the menu, open settings.
#3. Scroll down to “Data Saver” and turn it on.

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#5. Disable In-App Auto Play.

Almost every android user has heavy apps like Facebook and Twitter installed on their phone. Many people stream music via apps like YouTube, Spottily etc. These apps have features like preloading and auto play which enable them to load videos in background and play as soon as you scroll to them. This feature is a huge data hogger. It is strongly recommended to turn such features for the apps that have them to reduce data usage on Android.

Reduce Data Usage On Android Phones

Steps To Turn Off Autoplay Videos In Facebook App :

#1. Open Facebook app.
#2. From the side menu, scroll and tap on “App settings”
#3. Look for autoplay videos and turn it off.

We hope that using the above given methods, users can cut down expenses and reduce data usage on Android. so these method will help you to reduce the data usage on android.

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