In Short Hacks: Here We have shortlisted Top 10 Best Hacking Tools and Softwares For Windows and Linux. This Top Ten Hacking Tool List is based on User Reviews and Professional Hackers 

Top 10 Best Ethical Hacking Tools Of 2017 For Windows & Linux
Top 10 Best Ethical Hacking Tools Of 2017 For Windows & Linux

Hacking is not an easy task at all! You require a vivid skill along with a range of tools to master this hacking technique. If you have a specialized tool along with you, hacking gets much easier. And hence, we have listed below some of the best tools for Windows which are essential for you while hacking! So let’s take a look at these tools and see what they have to provide. Please note that these tools are compatible with other operating systems such as Linux, OS X, etc. They are not restricted to Windows only!

Best Ethical Hacking Tools For Windows & Linux 

Disclaimer: iTechhacks is publishing this article only for educational purposes and we don’t promote malicious practices or any black hat techniques.

#1 John The Ripper

This is basically a tool which you can use for cracking passwords much easily and conveniently. Also, it provides with different functions such as combining different password crackers into a single package, customizable cracker etc.

#2 Nmap

Nmap stands for ‘Network Mapper’. It uses raw IP packets in novel ways to extract information such as operating system versions, type of firewalls being used and many other information of such kind from its hosts. This tool is used by both beginners as well as the professionals. The clue lies in understanding the result generated by this tool.

#3 Metasploit

This tool has a variety of features which range from exploiting the vulnerability of a network to penetration testing. Along with penetration testing, IDS testing can also be done using this tool. This tool is mainly used by ethical hackers and also by professionals.

#4 Nessus Remote Security Scanner

This tool works on a client-server framework. It is one of the best vulnerability scanner one could ever have! This tool has been developed by Teenable Network Security.

#5 MalteGo

This tool gathers every possible information on the cyber threats which are around you and displays them as a picture! You can analyze the failure in your infrastructure and surrounding enjoyment by the complexity and severity of the points. It is based on java and has an interactive user interface. Also, it provides with many different customization options while scanning.

#6 Acunetix

Web Vulnerability Scanner: Add the name suggests, it is an excellent vulnerability scanner and tells you about the fatal flaws in any website. It is an amazing online tool which you can use to scan your website and receive a sure hackable report.

#7 Wireshark

Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer wifi hacking tool which allows you to capture and interactively browse the contents of network frame. This tool was originally named as ‘Ethereal‘. This tool also comes in a command-line version called Tshark.

#8 Social-Engineering Toolkit

The motive of Social-Engineering Toolkit is to automate and improve on many of the Social-Engineering attacks. It incorporates different Social-Engineering attacks all in one place. Social-Engineering Toolkit is an advanced framework for simulating a different variety of Social-Engineering attacks.

#9 Nikto

Nikto is a web server scanner and it performs comprehensive tests against web servers for different items such as dangerous files, different versions etc. Nikto is a good CGI scanner too! There are different tools available which work perfectly fine along with Nikto.

#10 oclHashcat

This tool is the advanced version of the tool named ‘Hashcat’ and it uses the power from your GPU. The developer of this tool claim that this is the fastest password cracking tool and is also the world’s only GPU based engine. This tool applies some attack modes such as straight, combination, etc.


Wrap Up: So these were some of the best hacking tools for Windows! Now you can check the vulnerability, versions, firewalls etc. Since you are now equipped with the proper tools, all you need is the skill and you will be doing great at hacking! If you have any doubt or any suggestion then press let us know about it in the comments section.

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