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“Hack The Pentagon Security”- US Government Challenge Hackers


“Hack the Pentagon” – Latest Hacking News Came from US.US Government announced and invite all hackers and challenge them to ” Hack The Pentagon Security“.As Reports said, The Pentagon announced Wednesday that it’s putting its cyber security to the test by inviting thousands of vetted hackers to try to break into its government systems as part of its “Hack the Pentagon Security” initiative. 

Hack The Pentagon Security
“Hack The Pentagon Security”- US Government Challenges Hackers

The bug bounty program will begin in April 2016, and the participants could win money (cash rewards) as well as recognition for their work,

While “bug bounties” often offer rewards ranging from $100,000 to $3 million, the Pentagon says it’s still working out whether the competition will include monetary prizes.Particularly sensitive networks will not be included in the competition

While announcing ‘Hack the Pentagon‘ initiative during a conference, DoD said only “Vetted Hackers” can participate in the Bug Bounty program, which means the candidates need to undergo a Background Check after registration and before finding vulnerabilities in its systems.

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Hack The Pentagon Security
Defense department says about Hack The Pentagon Security

However, the Department of Defense has not yet confirmed what bounty would be provided to hackers upon a successful penetration of its network or web pages.

Why DoD launches a Bug Bounty program?

Department of Defence currently manages 488 websites related to everything from the 111th Attack Wing, several military units to Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program.

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Just like Bug Bounty programs offered by several Frontliners in the technology industry, Hack The Pentagon would also be an exercise for the federal authorities to boost up the security measures and counter the cyber attacks.

US Politicans Not Happy With “ Hack The Pentagon Security” Program –

One week after the hacking group Anonymous claimed to know the identities of 1,000 Ku Klux Klan members, someone purportedly affiliated with the collective published the names of nine politicians — four U.S. senators and five mayors — who supposedly have ties to the white supremacist group.

Here are the tweets which we get from social networking micro blogging site twitter, what the politician said about “Hack The Pentagon Security” Program. iTech Hacks Network 


Hack The Pentagon Security
Hack The Pentagon Security – politicians tweets

Pentagon has its own team of security experts testing out networks, it hopes the program will make hackers less hesitant to “disclose known vulnerabilities in systems out of a fear of reprisal” and that the addition of outside eyes will allow it to better spot security issues. 

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